Sociology at BU

The Department of Sociology at Boston University fosters teaching and research that expands knowledge of human social behavior.  A sociological lens is critical for understanding our increasingly diverse and complex society and its challenges, such as systemic racism, social and economic inequality, public health crises, and environmental injustice.

As you learn the art and science of sociology, including its theories and methods, you will become active, critically informed, and globally aware citizens. These skills prepare students to become the next generation of teachers, policymakers, and scholars. 

Program Learning Goals

Students who complete the major in sociology will achieve four distinct learning objectives:

  1. ​​master the fundamental theoretical approaches and key disciplinary sociological concepts.
  2. understand sociological methods of research design, data gathering, and analysis.
  3. exhibit critical thinking skills in evaluating sociological research, including the background assumptions, appropriateness of methods used, and strength of explanatory evidence.
  4. write, speak, and communicate using sociological knowledge


  1. CAS General Advising is helpful for students who need general guidance within the College of Arts and Sciences.
    • To meet with an advisor, create an account on Handshake, and sign in as a BU student. Handshake will automatically connect you with access to meet with CAS Advising, the Center for Career Development, and more.
    • Once logged into Handshake, select Career Center and then appointments to meet with an advisor.
    • For more information on different types of advising, check out this website.
  2. For Major Advising, students are assigned faculty advisors to answer questions related to major requirements, course offerings, research opportunities, and professional development as a sociology major.
    • To find out who your major advisor is, look under Degree Advice on Student Link.

Major Requirements

A total of 11 courses are required for the sociology major: 10 in sociology and 1 in statistics. All courses must be taken within the College of Arts & Sciences except transfer-of-credit courses or with department approval. A grade of “C” or higher is required to earn credit for the major. Students must earn a total of 128 credits prior to graduation. For more information about the sociology major, review our program requirements.

During your undergraduate career, you’ll have multiple opportunities to prepare yourself for life outside of BU through research and jobs and internships. While you’re a student, make sure to take advantage of a variety of resources and get involved with the BU Sociology community!