The Department of Sociology will be operating remotely until further notice from Boston University. 

Department staff can be reached via email or telephone at the following:

All undergraduate advising will occur remotely. Please email your Andrea Inman or your faculty advisor directly to set up a telephone or Zoom meeting. Faculty contact information is available here. https://www.bu.edu/sociology/faculty-staff/faculty/

The Department of Sociology at Boston University fosters teaching and research that expand knowledge of human social behavior.  By introducing students to the art and science of sociology, including its theories and methods, the Department contributes to the education of active, critically informed and globally-aware citizens, as well as to the training of the next generation of teachers, policy makers, and scholars. Learn more about our Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees.

BU Sociology is also home to several journals and organizations. The annual journal Political Power and Social Theory, published by Emerald Press, is edited by Professor Julian Go. Professor Deborah Carr is the editor of Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, published by Oxford University Press.

Sociology faculty and students lead and support exciting research across BU’s campus, such as with the Initiative on Cities and the Institute on Culture, Religion & World Affairs (CURA).

Discover great lecturers and new research by attending our Seminar Series.


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