Industrial Outreach


The strategy for promoting the NSF Smart Lighting ERC at BU is to:

  • provide the broadest exposure to the technology under research for the global community
  • leverage the diversity of faculty and students at Boston University in entrepreneurial and innovation efforts

Key initiatives to support this strategy include:

  1. SL1 Prototype Kit and CanDLES Distribution
  2. Smart Lighting Challenge : An Engineering Design and Business Strategy Case Study and Competition.
  3. Smart Neighborhood Laboratory (SNL) As key collaborator with the SNL, the Smart Lighting ERC gains access to an ecosystem of players from private and public sectors, well beyond what might otherwise be available to the ERC. with research sources include a holistic testbed for ideas, learning and experimentation. The ERC gains a strategic advantage thru its association with the  SNL with the ability to attract new industrial memberships, students and follow on funding.
  4. Entrepreneurial Activities
  5. Annual Industry Conferences:

February 2012: Smart Spaces, 3rd Annual ERC Industry-Academia Days

February 2011: Smart Lighting Smart Spaces Conference

February 2010: Exploring the Boundaries of Smart Light Systems