Integrated Nanophotonics and Biosensing Research


The capability to confine and manipulate photons at nanometer-length scales can open up unprecedented opportunities both in the fields of classical and quantum information processing, as well as in fundamental life sciences. This lab will develop nanophotonic devices in support of optical communications as well as for other thrust areas in the Smart Lighting ERC (e.g., on-chip biosensing). For communication applications, we are developing ultrafast lasers, ultra-efficient light emitting diodes and photonic crystal devices that can slow down the light. For biotechnology applications, we are using plasmonic nanostructures and photonic crystal cavities for realization of high-throughput, ultra sensitive and label free biosensors. To accomplish our goals, we are developing new computational modeling and advanced nanofabrication techniques including nano/bio-patterning and microfluidics. Our biosafety level-2 lab is capable of cell culturing and includes a modified AFM for surface functionalization. Our lab also houses state-of the art optical measurement equipments and computational clusters.

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Hatice Altug at 617-358-4769 or

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