Smart Spaces 2011:Smart Lighting ERC Industry/Academia Day

Smart Spaces: Tuesday, February 7- 8, 2011 at Boston University, core partner of the ERC.

As we move toward a 24/7 society, humans are spending more of their time in constructed, illuminated, and connected environments. To assure our health and well being, reduce stress, enhance social interactions, and improve productivity, security, and safety, LED-based lighting systems are creating “smart spaces”.  These spaces integrate illuminators, sensors, controllers, and communications into systems that enhance and adapt to the needs of humans and human activities.

Join our event to learn how the Smart Lighting ERC is working to innovate, prototype, and assess the impact of these smart lighting environments. Target audience include chief technology officers, senior management in technology and business development, and lead research scientists.

Featured Speakers:
Shinichiro Haruyama, Graduate School of System Design & Management, Keio University, is also Chairman of the Visible Light Communications Consortium (VLCC). The VLCC’s mission is to publicize and standardize visible light communication technology for application across various industry fields.
Dominic O’Brien, University of Oxford, leads the optical wireless communications group and is a lecturer in engineering science at the University of Oxford.
Stephen Selkowitz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
, is renowned in the field of building energy efficiency, performance and sustainable design, lighting systems, and “net zero energy” buildings among other areas.  Dr Selkowitz serves on the  Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Smart Lighting ERC.