SL2 Prototype Kit and CanDLES Distribution

Distribution of the SL2 prototype kit and CanDLES vastly expands potential commercialization opportunities as it puts this technology into the hands of the global entrepreneurial community.   Kits have been sent to a variety of potential partners.

Initial fabrication of “SL2” luminaire have produced 40+ units to date beginning April 2010.  The SL2 is 2 Mb/s bidirectional, 400 lumens/unit, Cells approximately 1m diameter, Arranged in 8 unit array, Interfacing for mobility, multiple access, smart room control.

CanDLES is a model of wireless Visual Light Communications (VLC) that aids the design of dual-use communication and fully functional indoor lighting systems. Given a system design and an environment specification, CandLES characterizes the overall communications performance with respect to key metrics, which include achievable datarate, error rate and coverage, as well as lighting performance with respect to illumination coverage. The system and environment specifications that can be set are detailed and flexible, making CandLES a powerful tool for improving the design of such a system as well as testing its robustness to different environments.