Entrepreneurial Activites

Proposals for Efficient Luminaire for the Smart Grid

The BU team proposed Efficient Luminaire for the Smart Grid for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) competition and a BU Office of Technology Development Ignition Award which awards funds to faculty to bridge the gap between government-funded, discovery-oriented research and the follow-on development work performed by external commercial or non-profit entities.

BU ITEC 50K Competition, February 4, 2011

Achieved semi-finalist status in this annual BU competition, ByteLight, an entrepreneurial concept and initiative, was led by the entrepreneurial team, of ERC students: Aaron Ganick, CEO, Travis Rich, CTO, Daniel Ryan, CFO, and Tom Little.

ByteLight seeks to exploit “triple use” technology from the BU laboratory into a service company offering value through intelligent lighting control, indoor localization and high speed visible light communications.

Invention Disclosure BU10-256 “Energy Efficient light for the Smart Grid”

This is being used as one of the technologies a student team will be working on in the class “Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization” this semester:

  • A First Look Technology Assessment, in which students carry out an initial market and IP assessment, due in Week 7 ( March 23, 2011).
  • A First Look Venture Assessment, in which students analyze the ability of the technology to be the basis of a new venture, due in Week 14, (May 11, 2011).