LESA aims to achieve  innovative products for the marketplace, increased competitiveness of US industry, with a  transformative impact on humankind.

A partnership between Boston University, RPI, UNM and the National Science Foundation, the ERC places the highest priority on maximizing industrial involvement and participation, both with established companies, as well as with new commercial enterprises based on Smart Lighting technology.

“BU’s vision of free-space optical (FSO) communications presents enormous opportunities to innovate in the delivery of public and commercial services beyond anything available today,” said Pam Reeve, CEO, Open Air Boston. “We can foresee whole new market segments – traffic safety, emergency services – made available via FSO. We are excited to participate as an ERC testbed.”

We welcome all industry participants to leverage these extraordinary resources from the ERC partnering institutions as we embark on this exciting journey to create and use Smart Light.