Department: Health Sciences

Department: Health Sciences

Seniors Present Honors Thesis for Distinction Projects

Congratulations to all the Sargent College seniors who presented their honors thesis projects this semester. The Senior Thesis for Distinction is an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate Sargent College seniors to complete an in-depth research experience within a major or minor field of study. Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, this year, six students developed […]

Weight Loss Plans For Men To Try In 2024 – Quoting Joan Salge Blake, Sargent

(1/10/24, Forbes) Expert Quote: “[the DASH Diet and Mediterranean diet] are backed by research and have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death among Americans, especially men.” — Joan Salge Blake, a registered dietitian and nutrition professor at Boston University Read the full article.

What Are the Top Contaminated Foods? Quoting Joan Salge Blake

(1/6/24, MSNBC) Expert Quote: These facts may be alarming to hear, but know that the food system in the United States is relatively safe, thanks to the Food Safety Initiative, which began in 1997, says Joan Salge Blake, RDN, a clinical professor in the department of health sciences at Boston University. “This program coordinates the research, inspection, outbreak response, […]

Plant Enzymes Can Turn Sugar to Fiber – Joan Salge Blake quoted

(12/28/23, The Food Institute) Expert quote: “The nutrient quality of foods in a diet are key to helping folks reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, and diabetes. Magically turning sugar into fiber isn’t going to ensure that the diet is healthy and meeting a person’s long-term health needs.” – Clinical Professor of […]

The Health Benefits of Cranberries; Quoting Joan Salge Blake

(11/17/2023, The Manual) “Cranberry juice beverages can provide the healthy benefits of phytochemicals to the diet. The only downside is the added sugars. A cup of sweetened cranberry juice will provide about 30 grams of added sugar, equivalent to just over 7 teaspoons of added sugar.” – Joan Salge Blake, Program Director and Clinical Professor, Nutrition […]