Department: Health Sciences

Department: Health Sciences

Jesse Moreira, PhD

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests Dr. Moreira’s teaching and research focus on LGBTQIA2S+ equity and inclusion in STEM and physiology education. During the latter portion of his postdoctoral fellowship, he began an independent research program on LGBTQIA2S+ inclusion. He is currently assessing methods to redesign undergraduate and graduate physiology curricula to better educate students on […]

Joan Salge Blake on How to Avoid Common Food Safety Mistakes

(11/9/22, US News & World Report) In this US News & World Report piece, Program Director and Clinical Professor of Nutrition Joan Salge Blake outlines the Thanksgiving cooking mistakes that can lead to food poisoning. Waiting until the last minute to thaw a turkey, washing poultry, not cooking a turkey thoroughly, or stuffing a turkey while cooking […]

“3 Things to Have On Hand This Cold and Flu Season” – Quoting Joan Salge Blake

(11/15/22, Good Housekeeping) Expert Quote: “Some research suggests that the phytochemical catechins in tea may help in the fight against upper respiratory tract infections… when you’re feeling under the weather, warm liquids often feel like an internal blanket, making you more comfortable.” – Program Director and Clinical Professor of Nutrition Joan Salge Blake  Read the full article

The Truth About Fair Food: Joan Salge Blake Comments on These Calorie Shockers

(10/10/22, Nourish) Expert Quote: “Using trans fat-free cooking oil is certainly better. But no matter how you look at it, that doughnut is still a doughnut and it is still fried, and anytime you fry foods you pump up the fat and calories.” – Program Director and Clinical Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake Read the full […]

Is Soup Good for You? Joan Salge Blake weighs in

(10/08/22, Consumer Reports) You’ve probably heard for years that chicken soup helps you feel better when you have a cold. Making the right soup a regular part of your diet is a great way to get some of the nutrients you may be short on. And the soup doesn’t have to be homemade: You can find […]