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Category: Faculty

Physical Therapy Chair Terry Ellis Promoted to Full Professor

Physical Therapy Department Chair Terry Ellis is one of 24 Charles River Campus faculty promoted to full professor this spring. Ellis specializes in neurorehabilitation, investigating the impact of exercise and rehabilitation on the progression of disability in those with Parkinson disease. She is the director of the BU Center for Neurorehabilitation and a Catherine Worthingham Fellow […]

Sargent Faculty & Staff Honored for Service, Teaching Excellence

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients of the Whitney R. Powers Award for Teaching Excellence, Staff Award of Merit, and the Faculty Award of Merit. Whitney R. Powers Award for Teaching Excellence Alyssa Boucher, Clinical Assistant Professor, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Recognizing an outstanding teacher from the Sargent faculty, this award is named in honor of Whitney R. […]

‘That scares me’: Paula Quatromoni quoted in STAT on Childhood Obesity Guidelines

(03/20/2023, STAT) Expert Quote: “That [the drug and bariatric surgery recommendations] scares me. Because that is a very aggressive recommendation that could potentially lead someone to permanent surgical intervention that, for the rest of their lives, has changed the physical anatomy of their GI tract. And I’m talking about someone who may be a teenager, still, […]

Neuromotor Recovery Lab Makes Strides in Helping Those with Neurological Diseases

(02/21/2023, The Daily Free Press) Expert quote: “We are one of the few [labs] in the country, if not the world, that have worked across the translation continuum…doing everything from basic science research, all the way to in-clinic, in-home clinical trials, spanning the expertise of these different disciplines, working in rehab, physical therapy, engineering.” – PT […]

When the words won’t come – Swathi Kiran talks to The Washington Post

(02/25/2023, The Washington Post) Swathi Kiran, director of the Aphasia Research Laboratory is mentioned in The Washington Post: “Although some sources give the number of Americans with aphasia as at least 2 million, Swathi Kiran, the director of the Aphasia Research Laboratory at Boston University, says that number represents only aphasia caused by stroke.” Read the […]

Is it safe to eat food that’s past its ‘use by’ date? Experts including Joan Salge Blake weigh in.

(02/27/2023, Yahoo Life) Expert quote: Clinical Professor of Nutrition Joan Salge Blake explains that consumers are routinely “misinterpreting” these dates and “inadvertently tossing good food into the trash.” “This is causing Americans to needlessly throw away about one third of the foods they are purchasing and waste over $160 billion on food that could be safely […]

Wearable Sensors Show Promise for Remote Osteoarthritis Assessment

(02/06/2023, MedPage Today) A new clinical trial led by Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy Deepak Kumar published in Arthritis Care & Research shows the feasibility of evaluating seniors with knee osteoarthritis in their homes. Among 20 patients tested, 18 were able to manage the sensors successfully, and the results correlated reasonably well with task performance during clinic […]

Uncovering The Causes of Stuttering: an Interview with Frank Guenther

(03/11/2022, Proud Stutter) There is no definitive answer to why a person stutters. However, thanks to Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Professor Frank Guenther and his research lab at Boston University, the mystery of stuttering has become a little clearer. With advances in brain activity monitoring technology, neuroscientists like Frank are able to explore stuttering in […]

Parkinson’s Patients Tune Into Music Therapy – quoting Terry Ellis

(02/02/2023, Parkinson’s News Today) A small group of people with Parkinson’s disease adhered well to an experimental music-based digital therapy to treat gait problems, and reported quality of life gains, meeting the main goals of a small feasibility trial. Preliminary evidence of the trial that included 24 patients also suggested improvements in motor function and mobility […]