Tuition and Fees

Estimated Cost of Attendance Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

The cost of attendance, or student budget, is an estimate of the total cost of attending Sargent College during the nine-month academic year (Fall/Spring), including estimated living and personal expenses. Your costs may differ because living expenses vary depending on lifestyle, although as a full-time student the tuition and fees will be consistent. The student budget is also the maximum amount of financial aid students may receive, including University scholarships, student loans, resident assistantships, work-study, and any aid from other outside sources.

The tuition rates and fees outlined below are based on the 2021-2022 rates set by the BU Financial Assistance office and approved by federal granting agencies. The same full-time tuition rate is charged to students taking anywhere between 12-18 credits of coursework. Students taking less than 12 credits are charged at a per credit rate. The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion. Payment deadlines from BU Student Accounting Services can be found online here.

Tuition $58,560
Other Fees $838
Room & Board (Estimated) $14,590
Personal (Estimated) $3,050
Transportation (Estimated) $1,120
Books & Supplies (Estimated) $1,088
Federal Direct Loan Fee $200
TOTAL $79,446

Other expenses graduate students may incur include:

  • Medical Insurance Premium – Because Massachusetts state law requires students to have adequate medical insurance, full-time BU students are charged for medical insurance each fall semester. The 2021-2022 premium is as follows: Basic Plan $3,054 or Plus Plan $4,090. If you have insurance coverage through your parents or your own health plan, you can apply to waive the BU insurance through the BU Student Link. Select the “Money Matters” tab, and then click on “Medical Insurance.”
  • Clinical Education Fees – These fees vary by program. Refer to the program costs outlined below for more information.
  • Per Credit Fee – Students taking less than 12 credits are charged at a per credit rate ($1,830/credit).
  • Summer Semester – For more information about summer semester tuition and fees, click here.

Program Costs

Please find below the total tuition and fees, including clinical education fees where applicable, that students are expected to pay for the duration of each of our graduate programs. The tuition rates and fees included here are estimated based on 2021-2022 rates. Estimated living and personal expenses are not included below but can be referenced above.



Contact Janet Turner, Assistant Director of Graduate Financial Aid. Janet serves as the liaison between our graduate students and the BU Financial Assistance office.