Why Sargent?

The room buzzes with excited students and faculty. You see a professor approach the podium. As the room falls silent, she introduces the patient: a 62-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease. The presentation begins. No, this isn’t medical school. It’s the Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds of BU Sargent College.

The professor of physical therapy presents her assessment of the patient’s condition and proposed treatment program. Next, faculty members from programs in nutrition and speech-language pathology outline the roles of diet and speech therapy in the patient’s treatment. Another explains how various occupational therapy strategies can help the man perform daily activities more independently.

You might not expect to attend an event like this at the graduate level—or to find a graduate school where “interdisciplinary” means as much as it does here. Unlike most schools offering health professional degrees, Sargent College includes all the major professions.

Our Interdisciplinary Approach

Each of our degree programs falls within one of four academic departments: Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, and Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences. But the interests of our faculty and students are cut across all disciplines, both within Sargent College and in other BU schools and colleges. We work and learn in interdisciplinary clinics. We collaborate on interdepartmental research. After all, the real world of health care doesn’t operate in silos. Neither should your preparation for it.

Many of our faculty members hold joint appointments in Boston University School of Medicine. Being allied with (and a quick shuttle ride away from) a prestigious medical school is a major advantage for our students as they train for careers as practitioners and researchers.

Our Clinical Edge

If you plan to enter clinical practice, few schools can give you the breadth, depth, and quality of clinical education available at Boston University. Besides Sargent College’s eight clinical education centers, our students observe, learn, and gain experience with outstanding clinicians at some of Boston’s most respected medical institutions. Our network of 1,700 affiliated clinical sites also includes top hospitals, clinics, private practices, schools, and community agencies throughout the U.S. and abroad. Starting early in your program, you’ll be exposed to a remarkable diversity of patient populations, diagnoses, and treatment settings.

Our Research Focus

A world-class research institution in an international center of medical and scientific inquiry. Could there be a better place to prepare for a career in research?

Consider also that Sargent College receives nearly $20 million in outside funding—among the highest at BU. As a graduate student, you can take advantage of the College’s research centers and labs, as well as interdisciplinary centers like BU’s Center for Neuroscience and Hearing Research Center. You might also participate in a project at a premiere medical research institution such as Massachusetts General Hospital or Boston Medical Center. If you’re a doctoral student, you’ll have a mentor of your choice to help you design suitable projects and publish your original research.

Our School Within a School

Sargent College gives you the advantages of two very different kinds of college life. Because we’re a close-knit community, you’ll have small classes, great discussions, close relationships, and exceptional access to some of the best professors in their fields.

But of course, you’re at Boston University, surrounded by all the intellectual stimulation, inspiration, and energy of a large, urban university. Our campus is a hub of academic resources, student organizations, and activities. When you want to work out, our incredible Fitness & Recreation Center is minutes away. And a quick ride on the “T” takes you to all of the art, music, theater, history, and sports that make Boston one of America’s most exciting cities.We invite you to learn more about Sargent College, our students, and life at Boston University.


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