Boston University Entry-Level OTD Curriculum

Professional Courses:  The structure and content of our academic and fieldwork experiences reflect the most current thinking in the field, including the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (3rd ed, 2014).  The curriculum has three organizing threads that guide all instruction:

  • a clear focus on occupation as the central concern of the profession;
  • a commitment to client-centered practice; and
  • a strong belief that practice must be theoretically-based guided by the best scientific evidence available.

The curriculum is organized in a developmental sequence that integrates academic and clinical learning throughout.

Fixed Sequence of Courses:  The sequence of courses for the Entry-level OTD program is fixed. Professional courses are sequential, integrated among courses, and offered only once a year.  Semester-long weekly Level I Fieldwork (LIFW) experiences are included each semester.  For exact semester dates, please visit the BU Registrar’s academic calendar.

A student is considered to be enrolled full-time in a semester when the student has registered for 12–18 credits.

First Year

Fall Semester (on-campus), 16cr

Spring Semester (on-campus), 18cr

Summer Semester (on-line), 8cr, 14wk

Second Year

Fall Semester (on-campus), 18cr

Spring Semester (on-campus), 16cr

Summer Semester (on-line), 8cr, 14wk

Third Year

Boston University students do not pay tuition for SAR-OT593/OT594 Level II Fieldwork.  The OT clinical affiliation fee (equivalent to the cost of 2 credits) is paid during the OTD-2 Spring semester via registration of SAR-OT590 Fieldwork Seminar & Fee, and keeps students on the university records as full-time special students during internships.

Level II Fieldwork (LIIFW): No student may start LIIFW until all required professional courses have been completed with an acceptable grade (C), the minimum cumulative GPA (3.0+) is achieved, and professional behavior and technical standards are met. All students must complete LIIFW within 24 months of finishing their required professional courses work.

Fall Semester: LIIFW (0cr)

Spring Semester: LIIFW (0cr) and on-line (2cr, 7wk)

Summer Semester (on-line), 6cr, 14wk

Doctorate in Occupational Therapy Awarded

Earn Entry-level Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD) after completion of Level II Fieldwork and Doctoral Capstone requirements and within 5 years from initial matriculation. A minimum total of 92 graduate-level credits from courses numbered 500+ are required for the Entry-level OTD degree.