Summer 2021 LfA Status Instructions

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer

As we approach the start of the summer, I want to thank all of you once again for your attentiveness, patience, and cooperation over this extraordinary year. Your vigilance has enabled us to continue on-campus classes and small events throughout the entire academic year, which is quite an achievement. We are working towards a full return to an in-person residential campus in the fall, which will again require your help.

I am writing today with instructions for students who will be on campus for any reason this summer. All students planning to be on campus during the summer will need to update their LfA status. This can be done through the Student Link on the BU website. All student LfA statuses will automatically change to remote on Monday, May 17, and you will no longer be able to access on-campus resources until it is updated.

This applies to the following students:

  • Those who are registered for summer classes;
  • Those who have graduated but need campus resources over the summer, including testing and getting vaccinated;
  • Those who have not registered for classes in the summer but are working or involved in research projects on campus; and
  • Students whose spring classes extend past our official spring semester, beyond Saturday, May 8, into Summer Term 1.

If you will be returning to campus any time over the summer, you will be required to update your LfA status 24 hours before you return.

If you need to be on campus on Monday, May 17, you will be able to update your LfA status on Monday morning. Your update will go into effect on Tuesday, May 18. Because of this 24-hour delay, normal green badge requirements will be eased for Monday, May 17 only. The green badge requirement will go back into full effect on May 18.

All students registered for spring, summer, or fall 2021 will be able to update their LfA status and maintain access to testing throughout the summer.

If you have graduated and need access to campus to test or get vaccinated, we ask that you please also update your LfA status before coming to campus. You can make an appointment for either and will have a green badge for 24 hours.

Summer Term 1

Throughout Summer Term 1, daily health screenings, testing, and attestation will continue. All students will be required to test twice each week, just as they did during the spring semester.

Students will still need a green badge to enter some buildings on the Charles River Campus, even if they are living off campus. Anyone planning to be on campus during the summer should ensure their LfA status is updated and that they remain compliant with testing requirements.

When leaving campus, you should continue to update your status accordingly. This is like the requirement during the spring semester. When returning to campus this summer, however, you will only need one negative test to be in a testing cadence again.

I want to again thank all of you for your exceptional commitment this past year to safety and to one another. You have weathered major changes, challenges, and disruptions on our campuses and in your lives, and because of your outstanding work, we have successfully completed the academic year. We look forward to a return to a vibrant and full campus experience this fall and appreciate your continued diligence in the months ahead.

Summer 2021 LfA Status Instructions – 5.16.21