Cancellation of University-sponsored International Group Trips

From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer

In response to recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and statements made yesterday and today by Governor Charlie Baker and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston University has cancelled all University-sponsored international group trips for the foreseeable future, including spring break trips.

We know that this will come as a disappointment to many who had educational and service trips planned. For those who had school-based trips planned, we encourage you to work with your chairs and deans to develop alternate activities or other ways to mitigate the impact on students.

If you have additional questions about University-sponsored international trips, please contact Joe Finkhouse at or Sarah VanKirk at

We encourage all members of the University community to utilize the new Coronavirus website, which is being regularly updated to provide resources and answers to frequently asked questions. Individuals with international travel plans should follow the most recent CDC travel guidelines.

Cancellation of University-sponsored International Group Trips – 3.4.20