Professor Victor Kumar Featured in BU’s The Brink: “Why It’s So Hard to Give Up Meat”

Professor Victor Kumar was recently featured in an article and Q&A on The Brink, a news outlet dedicated to sharing the pioneering research conducted at Boston University. The article, “Firing Up the Grill? Why It’s So Hard to Give Up Meat” features Professor Kumar’s work on “the psychology — and ethics — of switching from eating meat to a vegetarian, vegan, or reducetarian diet,” and expands upon his work in exploring the psychology of reducing meat consumption.

“People want to be healthy,” shared Kumar in the article, “and they also want to live up to their moral values. Nearly 70 percent of Americans are uncomfortable with the way animals are used in the food industry. However, as my colleague Joshua May and I argue in a recent journal article, this is generally not sufficient to adopt a plant-based diet.”

Click here to read the article and learn more about what it takes to reduce meat consumption when approached via ethics, psychology, and philosophy.

Congratulations to Professor Kumar on his feature in The Brink and his fantastic work on this approach to a sustainable future!