Looking for places and spaces to share your thoughts, dig deeper into your studies, or be an active part of your community? The Department of Philosophy hosts reading groups, clubs, associations supporting graduate and undergraduate students, and events. Make sure to check the Department’s Events Calendar for up-to-date information on meetings, lectures, and more.

For Undergraduates

Undergraduate Philosophy Association

For undergraduate students to meet, talk, support each other, hold events, and create opportunities, click here for more information.

For Graduates

Art & Philosophy Reading Group

The BU Art and Philosophy Reading Group is a multidisciplinary reading group dedicated to the exploration of art, aesthetics, and the philosophy thereof. We meet weekly to discuss readings from a broad range of thinkers and artists, from Heidegger and Dewey to Danto and Goehr and beyond. We frequently organize visits to local museums, galleries, film showings, and concerts, and include members from a wide array of disciplines and genres, including art history, literature, musicology, the visual arts, musical composition, and, of course, philosophy. If you are interested in joining us, please email us at buartandphil@gmail.com

Ancient Greek Philosophy Reading Group

The AGP Reading Group is a collection of Hellenists who get together to read Plato and Aristotle in the original Greek. The aim of the group is to gain a better understanding of the Ancient Greek used by Plato and Aristotle, and at the same time to provide a forum for discussing ideas and problems that arise in the text. For more information, contact Carson Shaw at cjshaw@bu.edu.

Ethics Reading Group

The Boston University Ethics Reading Group meets in the Department of Philosophy every two weeks. The reading group is organized by Professor Daniel Star and regularly hosts visiting philosophers. Click here for more information.

Graduate Student Association

All graduate students can have their voices be heard and work together to advocate for change and support each other. Click here for more information.

Graduate Student Presentation Series

The GSPS workshop is an opportunity for graduate students to present their work and gain feedback and experience presenting papers.

Contact James Kinkaid (jkinkaid@bu.edu) or Emma Jerndal (jerndal@bu.edu).

Philosophy Film Group

The philosophy and film group meets bi-weekly to watch and discuss member-selected films. Discussions are philosophical in the broadest sense possible ranging from ethical and metaphysical questions of the film’s content to formal and aesthetic features of the artwork.

If you would like to join the mailing list contact Dan Mendez at maceo@bu.edu.

The Boston Phenomenology Circle

The Boston Phenomenology Circle (BPC) is a forum and network for phenomenology in the Boston area. We hold a weekly reading group, a workshop series for works in progress, and an annual spring symposium. Click here to learn more.

The Philosophy of Nature Reading Group

The philosophy of nature reading group meets biweekly to discuss classic and contemporary philosophical work on the concept of nature. For more information, please contact Dan Mendez at maceo@bu.edu.


Interested in starting a new club, reading group, or hosting an event? Contact casphilo@bu.edu to get started.