The Philosophy Seminar Series is a lecture and workshop series run every semester by the Philosophy Graduate Student Association. Graduate students, faculty, and esteemed guests present every Friday, 2:00-3:30 PM, in STH 525.

Spring 2023

March 17 – Faculty presentation: Daniel Star

March 31 – Faculty presentation: Juliet Floyd

April 7 – Leticia Castillo Brache

April 21 – Merve Tapinç

Fall 2021

September 24Lewis Wang presents, “How Do We Assess Softer Learning Goals?” An Inclusive Teaching Workshop.

October 8Paul Katsafanas presents, “The Fanatic & The Last Man: On Nietzsche, Critical Reflection & Our Evaluative Commitments.”

October 15Casey Grippo presents, “The Relationship Between Disease & Symptoms.”

October 22Aja Watkins presents, “Writing Grant Applications.” A Graduate Workshop.

October 29Federica Bocchi presents, “Teaching An Inclusive Course.” An Inclusive Teaching Workshop.

November 12Matthew Brewer presents, “Academic Skepticism: An Overview.”

November 19Leticia Castillo Brache presents, “In the Wake of Climate Change: Policy & Climate Refugees.”

December 3Victor Kumar presents, “Evolution & Progress.”