Life On-campus and in Boston

What are best ways to communication with my international student/peers?

Here’s a list of helpful communication apps accessible to all mobile devices:

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Messenger

Is there a bookstore on campus?

Yes! There is a Barnes and Nobles at BU, located at 910 Commonwealth Avenue. Students will find their textbooks, school supplies, clothing/school swag, and much more.

How to print at BU? 

There are many ways to print here at BU. One way, will have you configure the BU printer system to your devices; for more information on following these steps read here. Another way to print at BU is by going to the myprint website and uploading your documents, which will hold your documents until you find a nearby BU printer to access.

What banks are on campus?

Bank of America Financial Center (Kenmore Square)- 540 Commonwealth Avenue

  • Bank of America ATM:
    • Warren Towers- 700 Commonwealth Avenue
    • West Campus- 957 Commonwealth Avenue

Citizens Bank (Kenmore Square)- 560 Commonwealth Avenue

  • Citizens ATM:
    • Inside Warren Towers- 700 Commonwealth Avenue
    • Inside Star Market- 1065 Commonwealth Avenue

Santander Bank (Kenmore Square)- 552 Commonwealth Avenue

  • Santander ATM
    • Inside George Sherman Union- 775 Commonwealth Avenue
    • Inside CVS- 900 Commonwealth Avenue

Chase Bank- 880 Commonwealth Avenue

What are the transportation options on campus?

Students can easily walk over campus, use a bike/scooter, and access the BU Shuttle Bus, or the MBTA. For more information click here.

  • Bike and Scooter storage on campus can be found here.
  • Information on the BU Shuttle Bus can be found here.
  • Information on BlueBike pricing can be found here, but also note that BU offers student discounts for memberships.

Does my student need a T pass for the MBTA?

This answer will vary depending on the student’s situation. A T pass might not be needed on a day-to-day basis, since most classes are quick to get to, and there is the BU shuttle service available. However, a T pass might be nice to have on hand if a student plans on exploring the city and using MBTA services often. More information can be found here.