What forms do I need to fill out if I have a minor attending BU?

Please find the consent forms for minors available here.

What forms does my student need to fill out for an on-campus job?

The student employment office provides all information regarding work-study/non work-study positions on campus, getting paid, and job eligibility. For more information read here. To work on campus, a student must complete the I-9 form. For more details for domestic and international students on completing the I-9 form read here.

May I see my student’s grades?

Only through ShareLink access you may view your son/daughter’s information. ShareLink provides secure access to parents, employers, a student has authorized to view the student’s academic and financial information. The student must use the Student Link to sponsor a login account for each person who will have access. The student also specifies the information available to each party and controls the duration of access.