Student Health Services/Insurance/Finances

Where can I find tuition and billing information?

Student Accounting Services is responsible for billing students and processing payments. Their website provides information about payment deadlines, options, and plans. Tuition bills are not sent to parents/guardians.

Is there a breakdown of tuition expenses?

Yes, the breakdown of expenses can be found on Student Accounting Services.

Is there student insurance? Do I need to opt out of it? If yes, how do I do so?

BU does provide a student health insurance plan, known as SHIP.  You do have to opt out of the plan via the Student Health Services website. Please refer to the “Waive SHIP” tab for detailed instructions as well as important considerations. Reminder, waiving out of SHIP or waiving the cost of SHIP must be done every year.

What immunizations are needed? Where do we upload information?

Please see the Immunization Compliance section of the Student Health Services website for detailed information. 

Who should my student contact if they are sick?

Students should contact Student Health Services. A student may use Student Health Services if they are:

  • A full-time BU student, regardless of your insurance choice.
  • A student who participates in at least 9 credit hours.
  • Any student with the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • A summer student or a participant in one of the high school summer programs.

Appointments can be made through the Student Health Services website – or in case of an emergency, a student should call 617-353-2121.

What pharmacies are nearby?

CVS Pharmacy – 900 Commonwealth Avenue

Fenway Health Pharmacy – 1340 Boylston Street

CVS Pharmacy (located in Target) – 1341 Boylston Street

Mass General Brigham Urgent Care (Brookline) – 1285 Beacon Street

What if my student needs a doctor’s referral in Boston?

If your student needs a referral, please visit the Student Health Services’ Referral Service page.

How do we contact Disability & Access Services for accommodations?

To contact Disability & Access Services (DAS) for accommodations, please visit the DAS website and fill out the intake form.

What is MyBU Student? What is ShareLink?

MyBU Student is an account where students can access all sorts of information such as registration for their classes, meal plan, and work on campus. 

ShareLink is when students allow a third party (parents, employer, etc.) to view their academic and financial information. This information can be found on the Registrar’s website under ShareLink Access.

How does my student transfer credits to BU?

Information on transferring AP credits can be found here.

Information on transferring International Baccalaureate (IB) credit can be found here.

Information for transferring previous college credit can be found here.

How will BU communicate with parents?

BU will communicate with parents through a variety of ways such as the BU Today newsletter and the Terrier Family Network. If you use these communication tools, please follow us for daily tips relevant to your BU student. 

The BU Alert notification system for the purpose of communicating with the campus community for weather closures, utility outages, emergencies, or situations requiring the response or attention of the University community. More information on joining can be found here.

Where do we find the academic calendar?

The academic calendar can be found here.