Move-In/Move-Out and Housing

Do you have a packing list?

Yes, Parent and Family Volunteers have created a great list that details all the things students are recommended to bring to their on-campus housing. The recommended packing list can be found here.

Items that are prohibited from on campus housing can be found here.

Upon arrival, the dorm room has furniture provided in the room. The furniture and appliances provided in dormitories can be found here.

Where do we park for move-in?

During fall move-in, free parking will be available in designated garages/lots to make it easier for students to move into their dorm. During move-in, there will be a temporary move-in parking permit which should be printed and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle. 

Where do we stay for move-in?

A list of hotel room blocks for Fall 2024 Move-in can be found here. A general list of hotels near campus can be found here. For more information regarding move-in/move-out, please click here.

Is there somewhere near campus to buy dorm materials once we’re in Boston?

The Boston University Bookstore, Barnes and Noble at Boston University. There is also a Target and TJ Maxx close to campus.

  • BU Barnes and Noble- 910 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Target- 860 Commonwealth Avenue
  • TJ Max- 360 Newbury Street or 525 Harvard Street

When can I mail dorm supplies in advance of move-in?

Please be sure to mail dorm supplies to coincide with your student’s arrival on campus. Please also note that there are options to ship and store any items to locations near campus. They are as follows:

  • Shipping/Storage
    • The UPS Store makes coming to school easy and stress free with their Ship Ahead Service. This includes receiving, storing in a climate-controlled warehouse (up to one month), and curbside delivery of your items when you arrive on the BU campus.
    • Visit the UPS Store website for additional information on the Student Storage Program and Ship Ahead Service and to sign up.
  • Amazon Store Locker
    • Conveniently located on campus at 870 Commonwealth Avenue. Read this website for more information about using Amazon Store Lockers.

What is my student’s mailing address?

Students assigned to traditional-style residences or apartment-style units in the Student Village will receive mail through an assigned mailbox in residence mail rooms. Please note that students’ on-campus mailbox numbers are not the same as their room numbers.

The following address format should be used on all mail sent to students:


Box [Mailbox Number]*

Street Address

Boston, MA 02215

* Do not use the words “Post Office Box” or “P.O. Box,” as that denotes the United States Post Office, not Boston University.

Please also note that students’ on-campus mailbox numbers are not the same as their room numbers.

Can you rent items such as a safe or Microfridge?

Yes, Vending Services allows students to rent a fridge and microwave (Microfridge) and safes. Additional information can be found on the BU Vending Services website here. As a reminder, your student may want to check in with their roommate(s) to rent one Microfridge. 

How does laundry work?

Students can use the TerrierWeb found on the StudentLink to see the availability of washers and dryers within their residence. Students can pay for laundry using Convenience Points on their terrier card or with quarters. To load Convenience Points onto your terrier card read this website.

Should my student select a roommate or go with a random assignment?

There are pros and cons to both cases, but it really depends on the student. Selecting a roommate such as someone you already know, can provide students with a good connection as they enter college. It is important to remember that just because someone is a good connection, that does not mean they are a good roommate. Going random gives students, the opportunity to meet someone new. Students should go through a roommate agreement and have good communication so that there can be a mutual understanding to make living together easy and enjoyable!

Does BU offer storage for students’ belongings during the summer?

The UPS Store Storage Programs is the only Boston University endorsed storage and shipping vendor. Please visit their website for information and to sign up.