European Studies: "Colonial and Post-Colonial History Are Global/Connected: A Lecture by Francoise Verges" (Lecture)

  • Starts: 12:30 pm on Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Despite works in global, connected or transnational history, colonial and post-colonial history have remained framed within national borders. Drawing from the French case, Françoise Verges revisits some events to show how they were connected: in 1848, the abolition of colonial slavery, new colonial conquests, new European rivalries, and the conquest of Algeria; in 1871, the Paris Commune and the El Mokrani Insurrection; in 1878, the Kanak insurrection, the penal colony, and Madagascar. She will also look at current events: the consequences of nuclear tests in the French Pacific, the consequences of nickel’s extraction in New Caledonia and the contamination of fauna and flora in the Antilles, and public works that have disrupted the ecology of La Reunion.
121 Bay State Road, Lecture Room (1st Floor)