Welcome New Terriers!

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Boston University and the State of Massachusetts have been closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. With the safety and well-being of all our new and current students, faculty, and staff in mind, we have had to make some difficult decision to alter our programming from the traditional in-person Orientation model we pioneered in 1888 to a different experience.

Did we mention Boston University is a pioneer when it comes to this Orientation thing? Our goal is to make this experience much different than the meetings and discussions that have created the newer “Zoom fatigue” outbreak. Yes, there will still be the use of Zoom, but we want to highlight you and your questions. Expect to be an active participant, and yes please, turn on that camera if you can! Departments from all over the University are hoping to host meetings with you, throughout the summer, in small groups. Our hope is to give you the same opportunity to learn about our University and meet your fellow Terriers that you would normally have in-person. This is a very exciting time at Boston University and we are thrilled to start this journey with you!

The first part of this new virtual experience is a new Orientation website, just for this year’s incoming new students. Please join us at https://www.bu.edu/undergradorientation/ for an experience that is hopefully just as unique as the times we live in.