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License to Stream

New technologies have made making and enjoying music easier than ever, but they’re running into the same old complications of copyright law that have always rocked the industry.

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  • Side-by-side portraits of Sarah Collins standing by a directors chair and Ray Wu seated holding a baby Yoda doll
    Entertainment Law

    Swimming Up Stream

    Ray Wu ('92) and Sarah Collins ('13) bring popular streaming content to the masses at Lucasfilm Ltd. and Netflix.

  • Jerry Juste kneels on his tiptoes against a white wall facing camera and smiling
    Entertainment Law

    Behind the Grammys

    Jerry Juste charts the high notes of 25 years in the entertainment industry.

  • US nickel in the shape of a half moon
    Tax Law

    A Moon Tax

    Kevin Brown (JD, LLM’21) has a novel tax proposal—grounded in international law—that would allow humanity to benefit from private development of celestial properties.

  • Corinne Kirkland-Mercedes (LLM in Taxation’17)

    A Dream Conferred

    After beating extraordinary odds to become a lawyer, Corinne Kirkland-Mercedes finds her passion at TV One.

  • Alumni

    Class Notes: Spring 2022

    Class notes for the spring 2022 issue of The Record reflect submissions received between May 1 and November 30, 2021.

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