JD & LLM Exam Schedules

Upper-Class Exams (JD)

Spring 2024 Tentative JD Upper-class Exam Schedule

Monday, April 29
Administrative Law (Lawson)
Family Law (Silbaugh)
Professional Responsibility (Moore)

Tuesday, April 30
Corporate Finance (Marks)
Criminal Procedure: Adj. (Reza)
Evidence (Gonzales Rose)
Health Care Decisions & Bioethics (Robertson)

Wednesday, May 1
Employment Discrimination (Harpalani)
Trusts & Estates (Racki)

Thursday, May 2
Antitrust (Hylton)
Copyright (Silbey)
Evidence (Donweber)
Federal Courts (Shugerman)
Foreign Relations Law (Sloane)
Tax of Corporations (Feld)

Friday, May 3
Corporations (Hirst)
Patent Law (Meurer)
Professional Responsibility (Donweber)

Monday, May 6
Private Equity (S) Kendall
Secured Transactions (O’Rourke)
Trade Secrets (Beck/Daly)

Tuesday, May 7
Bar Exam Skills (A1) Freudenheim
Bar Exam Skills (B1) Gray
Environmental Law (Condon)

Wednesday, May 8
Intellectual Property (Dogan)
Intro to Federal Income Taxation (Walker)

Thursday, May 9
Food Law (Gray)

Take-Home Exams (4/29-5/10 dates available TBA)
American Legal History (Seipp)
Education Law (Darden)
Hospital Law (Bryant/Vernaglia)
Insurance Law (O’Brien)
International Environmental Law (Jalloh)
Intro to Jewish Law (Hauer)
Public Health Law (Huberfeld)
White Collar Crime (D’Addio/Kosto)

Subject to Change

First Year Exams (JD)

Spring 2024 Tentative JD First Year Exam Schedule

Tueday, April 30
Criminal Law (A1) Pyle
Criminal Law (A2) Ahmed, Z.
Criminal Law (B) Reza
Criminal Law (C1) Loor
Criminal Law (C2) Leonard

Monday, May 6
Property (A) di Robilant
Property (B) Lawson
Property (C) Varyani

Friday, May 10
Constitutional Law (A) Wexler
Constitutional Law (B1) Beermann
Constitutional Law (B2) Tsai
Constitutional Law (C) Ahmed, A.

Subject to Change

LLM Exams