Suchi Gopal

Professor of Earth and Environment; Research Professor, Center for Cognitive and Neural Systems and Center for Remote Sensing

PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
(617) 353-5744

Sucharita Gopal pursues multidisciplinary research dealing with spatial analysis and modeling, GIS, data mining and information visualization, and artificial neural networks. She has applied spatial analysis to address various problems in biology, environmental science, public health, and business. Gopal has also worked on uncertainty issues related to GIS and used neural networks for pattern classification, estimation, and mixture modeling. Her current funded research includes developing a marine integrated decision analysis system (MIDAS) for Massachusetts, malaria risk mapping in Ethiopia, analysis of patent activities in China, and mapping health service delivery in Zambia. Gopal has been awarded funding by the National Science Foundation on a GK-12 grant—Global Change Initiative—Research and Education (GLACIER) focusing on outreach to middle schools in the Boston area, the Rockefeller foundation on work related to data mining and visualization, and the MacArthur Foundation on assessing the impact of climate change on food security and biodiversity in Cambodia.

Gopal is co-leading an investigation funded by the IOC with Professor Nathan Phillips on data use in mapping solutions on sustainability, resiliency, and metabolism metrics. Her work will feature Boston as a case study.

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