My research is multidisciplinary dealing with spatial analysis and modeling, GIS, data mining and information visualization and artificial neural networks. I have applied spatial analysis to address a variety of problems in biology, environmental science, public health, and business. I have also worked on uncertainty issues related to GIS. I have used neural networks for pattern classification, estimation, and mixture modeling. My current funded research includes the development of a marine integrated decision analysis system (MIDAS) for Massachusetts, malaria risk mapping in Ethiopia, analysis of patent activities in China, and mapping health service delivery in Zambia. I am funded by the National Science Foundation on a GK-12 grant—Global Change Initiative—Research and Education (GLACIER) focusing on outreach to middle schools in the Boston area. In addition, I am funded by Rockefeller foundation on work related to data mining and visualization and the MacArthur Foundation on assessing the impact of climate change on food security and biodiversity in Cambodia.


  • EE 365 An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • EE 505 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • EE 805 Spatial Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)