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What We Offer

The Department of History offers degrees in History at both the master’s and doctoral levels. We train students interested in African, American, and European history as well as in the history of the Atlantic world. Among the department’s thematic and methodological strengths are political, cultural, intellectual, environmental, and transnational history.

Making Connections

The Boston area offers an engaging setting for graduate study. The Department of History collaborates with other academic programs, including the American and New England Studies Program (AMNESP). AMNESP provides a range of supplementary courses, workshops, and other venues for scholarly exchange. The renowned African Studies Center facilitates interdisciplinary approaches, encompassing anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology, as well as history. Lectures, conferences, and other events hosted by institutes and centers, such as the American Political History Institute, the Center for the Study of Europe, and the International History Institute, provide graduate students with opportunities to engage with visiting scholars and present their own research.

Boston University is a member of the Boston-area Consortia, which includes Boston College, Brandeis University, Tufts University, and Hebrew College. The consortium makes it possible for graduate students to take courses at these schools and share library resources. Students are also encouraged to take full advantage of the libraries, archives, and research collections located at BU and in the Boston area, such as the Boston University Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, the Boston Public Library, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, and the Massachusetts Historical Institute.

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Graduate Program Administrators

Alexis Peri

Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor of History

Cady Steinberg

Department Administrator