Boston University offers students the opportunity to combine the study of law with coursework in history. The dual degree program facilitates inquiry at the two fields’ intersection in legal history. Students must be admitted and begin the JD program at BU Law before applying to the MA program in History.

Successful candidates receive both the Juris Doctor (JD) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) degree. The dual degree program ordinarily can be completed in six semesters, rather than the eight semesters required to obtain each degree independently, because some courses can be credited toward both degrees.

The dual degree can significantly benefit a student, regardless of his or her career path. For students who intend to practice law, the program provides a broader array of coursework that enhances their analytical and writing skills, which are essential to legal practice. Similarly, the program can benefit students who pursue academic careers in law and/or history (particularly legal history). Possession of both degrees can improve students’ chances of securing academic appointments in law schools and, for those who pursue the PhD in history, in history departments.

The JD/MA at the School of Law