PhDs in History, 1990-Present

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Name Dissertation Title Major Advisor Graduation Year Current Position
Rachel Weiser “Like Mother, Like Daughter: Three Generations of Socialist Women in the German Democratic Republic, 1949-1989” Professor Jonathan Zatlin Jan-24 Lecturer at BU
Johnathan Williams “Big-Box Nation: Target and the Making of a Retail World” Professor Sarah Phillips May-23 Lecturer at BU
Charley Binkow “‘She Forces Nature’: Nature and the Criminalization of Abortion” Professor Nina Silber Jan-24
Dalia Haitayan “The Greatest Evangelizing Opportunity of the Century: Mexican Immigration and the Religious Right” Professor Bruce Schulman May-23
Jeanna Kinnebrew “Sexual Health in the Puritan City, 1880-1980” Professor Brooke Blower Aug-23
Joshua Castillo “Lingala Franca: Language and Political Power in Mobutu’s Congo/Zaire: 1965-1997” Professor Linda Heywood Aug-23 Lecturer at BU
John Seth Anderson “Straight Talk: Elite Universities and the Genesis of Gay Conversion Therapy, 1900-2015” Professor Bruce Schulman Aug-23
Patrick Browne “The Ordeal of Homecoming: Returning Union Soldiers and Northern Civilians” Professor Nina Silber Aug-22 Lecturer at BU
Cari Babitzke “Man, Machine, Myth: The Politics of Gun Control in the Twentieth Century US” Professor Bruce Schulman Aug-22
Jamie Grishkan “Banking, Law, and American Liberalism: The Rise and Regulation of Bank Holding Companies in the Twentieth Century” Professor Louis Ferleger May-22 Assistant Professor of Law at Arizona State University, School of Law
Elizabeth Hameeteman
“Pipe Parity: Desalination, Development, and the Global Quest for Water in the 1950s and 1960s” Professor Sarah Phillips Jan-22
Matthew Lavallee “Scientific Management, Labor, and the Evolution of Transatlantic Capitalism, 1878-1920 Professor Louis Ferleger May-21 Lecturer at Tufts University
Julie Keresztes “Building National Socialism through Photography, 1933-1945” Professor Jonathan Zatlin Mar-21 Lecturer at Tufts University
Andrew Bell “Archaeologists and American Foreign Relations in a World of Empires, 1879-1945” Professor Brooke Blower May 2020 Visiting Assistant Professor at Amherst College
Kathryn Lamontagne “Unconventional Religiosity: Modes of Lay Catholic Womanhood in Britain, c. 1880-c. 1920” Professor Arianne Chernock May 2020 Lecturer at CGS, Boston University
Kristen Carey “Ceding Control: The Origins, Implementation, and Breakdown of Population Management in Tanzania (1948-1999)” Professor James McCann Mar-20 Director of Platform at Bema Technologies, LLC
Agnes Burt “Reforming the Married State: Women and Property after the Married Women’s Property Acts, 1870-1935” Professor Arianne Chernock Dec-19 Program Manager at New Hampshire Humanities
David Shorten “For Capital or Country: The Anti-Monopoly Tradition and the Political Economy of U.S. Foreign Enterprise, 1905-1929” Professor Bruce Schulman Dec-19 Manager, Business History Initiative, Harvard Business School
Krista Kinslow “Contesting the Centennial: Politics and Culture at the 1876 World’s Fair″ Professor Nina Silber May-19 OnRamps Grader at UT Austin
Robert Shimp “A British Paradox: John Quincy Adams’s Life and Career in the Early American Republic” Professor Brendan McConville May-18 Director of Research and Adult Programming at Paul Revere Memorial Association
Daniel Burge “Deregulation and the Partisan Politics of the Savings and Loan Crisis 1970-1989” Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-18 Assoc. Lecturer Umass Boston
Andrew David “Fighting for National Security: Building the National Security State During the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations” Professor David Mayers Jan-18 Lecturer, History Department, Boston University
Aaron Hiltner “Friendly Invasions: Civilians and Servicemen on the World War II American Home Front” Professor Brooke Blower Jan-18 Instructor, History Department, UW-Madison
Benjamin Twagira “Bajeemi Urbanites: Roots of Social Resilience in Militarized Kampala, 1966-1986” Professor Diana Wylie Jan-18 Assist Prof at Williams College
Katie Moore “A Just and Honest Valuation: Paper Money and the Body Politic in Colonial America, 1640-1765” Professor Brendan McConville Sep-17 Asst. Prof at UC Santa Barbara
Christopher Conz “‘Wisdom Does Not Live In One House’”: Compiling Environmental Knowledge in Lesotho, Southern Africa, C. 1880-1965 Professor James McCann May-17 Visiting Assistant Professor of History at the College of the Holy Cross
Zach Fredman “From Allies to Occupiers: Living with the U.S. Military in Wartime China, 1941-1945” Professor Brooke Blower Sep-16 Associate Professor of History, Duke Kunshan University
David Olson “The World ‘In Search of its Soul’: Unesco, America, and the Struggle to Build a Postcolonial World” Professor William Keylor Sep-16
Amy Noel Ellison “‘Reverse of Fortune’: The Invasion of Canada and the Coming of American Independence, 1774-1776” Professor Brendan McConville May-16 Exhibition Curator at Los Altos History Museum
Sara Georgini “Household Gods: Creating Adams Family Religion in the American Republic, 1583-1927” Professor Jon Roberts May-16 Series Editor, The Adams Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society
Matthew Pressman “Remaking the News: The Transformation of American Journalism, 1960-1980” Professor Bruce Schulman May-16 Assistant Professor of Journalism, Seton Hall University
Aaron Knapp “Law’s Revolutions: Coercion and Constitutional Change in the American Founding” Professor Brendan McConville Jan-16 Partner, McCormick, Barstow, Sheppard, Wayte & Carruth LLP
Mark Kukis “An Unseen Dimension of RFK: The Attorney General and National Security Policy, 1961-1963” Professor Andrew Bacevich Jan-16 Assistant Professor of Social Sciences, Minerva Schools at KGI
Beth M. Forrest “Hungry and Thirsty: The Role of Food and the Senses in Spanish Identity, 1750 – 1850” Professor Thomas Glick Sep-15 Professor of Liberal Arts and Applied Food Studies, Culinary Institute of America
Christine Axen “Mapping the Bishop of Avignon: Sources of Episcopal Power in the Thirteenth Century” Professor Deanna Klepper May-15 Contract Position, Plymouth State University
Katherine A. Hollander “At Home in Exile: Co-Creation and Intellectual Labor in a Socialist Circle” Professor James Schmidt May-15 Visiting Assistant Professor of History, University of Hartford
William McCoy “Healing the Leper? Mission Christianity, Medicine, and Social Dependence in 20th Century Swaziland” Professor Diana Wylie May-15 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College at East Nazarene College
Gareth McFeely ‘”Gone are the Days’: A Social and Business History of Cinema-Going in Gold Coast/Ghana, 1910 – 1982” Professor Diana Wylie May-15 Executive Director, Study Abroad, Boston University
Patricia J. Peknik “Exotic Folk: Old-Time French Louisiana Music and the Politics of Culture, 1946-1973” Professor Bruce Schulman May-15 Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music
Rosemary Hynes “The Mask of Liberty: The Making of Freeholder Democracy in Revolutionary Georgia” Professor Brendan McConville Sep-14 Associate Dean, Program Planning and Strategic Initiatives, Emory University
Jonathan Koefoed “Cautious Romantics: Trinitarian Transcendentalists and the Emergence of a Conservative Religious Tradition in America” Professor Charles Capper Jan-14 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Thomas Jefferson Center, University of Texas at Austin
Andrew Ballou “From Pacifism to Nonviolent Direct Action: The Fellowship of Reconciliation and Social Christianity, 1914-1947” Professor Jon Roberts Sep-13 History Teacher, St. John Paul II High School
Michael Holm “America in the World: Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1944-1950” Professor William Keylor Sep-13 Lecturer, Boston University
Seth Blumenthal “Children of the Silent Majority: Nixon, New Politics, and the Youth Vote, 1968-1972” Professor Bruce Schulman May-13 Lecturer, Writing Program, Boston University
Christopher Seely “Fighting the Good Fight: The Religious Right and American Foreign Policy Since World War II” Professor William Keylor May-13 Lecturer, Assumption University
Jolanta Komornicka “The Parlement of Paris and Crimes of Lese Majesty in France, 1328-1350” Professor Clifford Backman Jan-13 Asst. Prof of University of Waterloo; Also Assoc. Director of the DRAGEN Lav (digital humanities project)
Ellen Wald “Fueling the American Century: The United States, Great Britain and the Middle-Eastern Oil Industry, 1945-1960” Professor Louis Ferleger Jan-13 Sr. Fellow at Global Energy Center
Anne Blaschke “Racing to Win: Women Track and Field Athletes in American Political Culture, 1928-1978” Professor Bruce Schulman May-12 Assoc. Lecturer at Umass Boston (American Studies); also at MIT (Graduate Consortium in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality)
Douglas Kierdorf “Social, Political, and Economic Life in the Post-Conquest Kingdom of Valencia: La Plana de Castello” Professor Thomas Glick May-12 Adjunct Lecturer, Bentley University
David Mislin “Faith Bounded and Unbounded: The Protestant Establishment, Secularism, and the Emergence of Religious Inclusiveness in America” Professor Jon Roberts May-12 Assistant Professor, Temple University
Dane Cash “The Forgotten Debate: American Political Opinion Journals and the Korean War, 1950-1953” Professor William Keylor Jan-12 Assistant Professor, Carroll College
Scott Marr “Urban Encounters and the Religious Divide: Catholic-Protestant Coexistence in Samur, France, 1589-1665” Professor Barbara Diefendorf Jan-12 Senior Lecturer, College of General Studies, Boston University
Michael McGuire “An Ephemeral Relationship: American Non-Governmental Organizations, the Reconstruction of France, and Franco-American Relations, 1914-1924 Vol. I of II” Professor William Keylor Jan-12 Visiting Instructor, Salem State University
Andrea Mosterman “Sharing Spaces in a New World Environment: African-Dutch Contributions to North American Culture, 1626-1826” Professor Linda Heywood Jan-12 Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans
Zachary Smith “From the Well of the House: Remaking the House Republican Party, 1978-1994” Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-12 Digital Director at For Our Future
Kathyrn Brownell “The Entertainment Estate: Hollywood in American Politics, 1932-1972” Professor Bruce Schulman May-11 Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University
François Lalonde “Diverging Visions of Leadership in the Atlantic Alliance, 1957-1963″ Professor William Keylor Jan-11 Part-time professor, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa
David Atkinson “The Burdens of Whiteness: Asian Immigration Restriction and White Supremacy in the British Empire and the United States, 1897-1924″ Professor William Keylor May-10 Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University
Melissa Graboyes “Surveying the ‘Pathological Museum’: A History of Medical Research in East Africa, 1940-1965″ Professor James McCann May-10 Faculty Fellow and Assistant Director of the African Studies Program, University of Oregon
Katherine Jewell “As Dead as Dixie: The Southern States Industrial Council and the End of the New South, 1933-1954″ Professor Louis Ferleger May-10 Assoc. Professor of History, Fitchburg State University
Ronald Lamothe “Slaves of Fortune: Sudanese Soldiers and the River War, 1896-1898″ Professor James McCann May-10 Documentary Film Maker; Assistant Professor of History, Lesley University
Andrew R. Black “The Whig in Swallow Barn: The Political and Literary Culture of John Pendleton Kennedy” Professor Nina Silber Jan-10 Writer, published John Pendleton Kennedy: Early American Novelist, Whig Statesman, and Ardent Nationalist (Southern Biography Series) on LSU Press
Robyn Metcalfe “Smithfield on the Move: Cattle, Commerce, and the City, 1800-1855” Professor Louis Ferleger Jan-10 Director of Food+City, Lecturer; University of Texas at Austin
Jean Dunlavy “A Band of Sisters: Vietnam Veterans’ Organization for Rights and Recognition, 1965-1995″ Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-09 Instructor, Phillips Exeter Academy
Belete Bizuneh “An Agrarian Polity and Its Pastoral Periphery: State, Society and Pastoralism in the Borana Borderlands (Southern Ethiopia), 1897-1991″ Professor James McCann May-08 Assistant Professor of History and Cultural Heritage, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)
Zbysek Brezina “The Czechoslovak Democrat: The Life, Writing and Politics of Hubert Ripka from 1918 to 1945″ Professor Anna Geifman May-08 Social Studies Teacher, The Rashi School
Brenda Gardenour “Medicine and Miracle: The Reception of Theory-Rich Medicine in the Hagiography of the Latin West, 13th and 14th Centuries” Professor Deeana Klepper Jan-08 Associate Professor of History, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
R. Samuel Deese “Ecology and the Gospel of Progress: Julian and Aldous Huxley in the American Century” Professor Charles Capper May-07 International History Institute Fellow, Lecturer, College of General Studies, Boston University
Devon H. Atchison “Shades of Change: Suntanning and the Twentieth Century American Dream” Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-07 Partner, SVP Seattle
Kyri Claflin “Culture, Politics, and Modernization in Paris Provisioning, 1880-1920″ Professor William Keylor May-06 Lecturer, Metropolitan College, Boston University
John Dempsey “Bonizo of Sutri: Life and Work” Professor Clifford Backman May-06 Associate Professor of History, Westfield State University
Christina Kopp “‘A School of New Men’: Composing an American Identity in the Early Twentieth Century” Professor Bruce Schulman May-06 Global Studies Program Coordinator, Deerfield Academy
Virginia Laffey “The Invisible Regiment: The Wives, Mothers and Girlfriends of Soldiers in Vietnam” Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-06 Lecturer, Bryant University
William Leeman “The Long Road to Annapolis: The Naval Academy Debate and Emerging Nationalism in the United States, 1775-1845″ Professor Nina Silber Jan-06 Associate Professor of History and Faculty Fellow, Salve Regina University
Benjamin Varat “A Clash of Kings: de Gaulle, Kennedy and the Battle for Western Europe, 1958-1963” Professor William Keylor Jan-06 Senior Lecturer of Social Sciences, College of General Studies, Boston University
Stacy Holden “Maintaining a Moroccan Medina: Commercial and Technological Innovations at the Workplace of Millers and Butchers in Fez, 1878-1937″ Professor Diana Wylie May-05 Associate Professor of History, Purdue University
Robert Munson “The Landscape of German Colonialism: Mounts Kilimanjaro and Meru, c. 1890-1916″ Professor James McCann May-05 African Analyst, United States Airforce
April Najjaj “The Alhambra in Comparative Perspective: Towards a Definition of Palace-Cities” Professor Thomas Glick May-05 Lecturer, Texas A&M University at San Antonio
Madia Thomson “Modernization, Slavery, and the Transformation of Social Hierarchy in Southwestern Morocco, 1912-56″ Professor Diana Wylie May-05 Writer, published The Demise of Slavery in Southwestern Morocco, 1860-2000: Economic Modernization and Transformation of Social Hierarchy on Edwin Mellen Press
Bryan Thrift “Jesse Helms, the New Right, and American Freedom” Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-05 History Instructor, Johnston Community College
Jennifer Alpert “Medicine and Politics in the Life of Henry I. Bowditch, M.D., 1808-1892″ Professor Thomas Glick May-04 Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, Bentley University
Amy Kittelstrom “The Religion of Democracy: William James and Practical Idealism in Evolutionary America, 1870-1910″ Professor Charles Capper May-04 Associate Professor of History, Sonoma State University
Melissa Lurio “An Educated Bishop in an Age of Reform: Marbode, Bishop of Rennes, 1096-1123″ Professor Clifford Backman Jan-04
Sarah Phillips “Acres Fit and Unfit: Conservation and Rural Rehabilitation in the New Deal Era” Professor Bruce Schulman Jan-04 Associate Professor of History, Boston University
Melissane Parm Schrems “A Freedom to Suit Themselves: Negotiating Mashpee Indian Political Identity on Cape Cod, 1746-1834″ Professor Jill Lepore May-03 Associate Professor and Coordinator of Native American Studies, St. Lawrence University
Gerald Ward “Restoring the Shattered World: The Apocalyptic Mercantilism of Samuel Purchas and the Revelatiopn of World Trade” Professor Thomas Glick May-03
Midori Yoshii “Reducing the American Burden: Kennedy’s Policy Toward Northeast Asia” Professor David Mayers May-03 Associate Professor of International Studies, Albion College
Leonid Blickstein “The Challenge of Otherness: Self, Values, and Modernity in Russian Philosophical Thought, 1900-1917″ Professor Anna Geifman Jan-03 Senior Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Heather Hoag “Designing the Delta: A History of Water and Development in the Lower Rufiji River Basin, Tanzania, 1945-1985″ Professor James McCann Jan-03 Associate Professor of History, University of San Francisco
Timothy Walker “Doctors, Folk Medicine and the Inquisition: The Repression of Popular Healing in Portugal During the Enlightenment Era” Professor Barbara Diefendorf Jan-01 Associate Professor of History, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Mark Abate “Roger Bacon and the Rage of Antichrist: The Apocalypse of a Thirteenth Century Natural Philosopher” Professor Clifford Backman May-00 Chair and Professor of History, Westfield State University.
Peter Alegi “Keep Your Eye on the Ball: A Social History of Soccer in South Africa, 1910-1976” Professor Diana Wylie May-00 Professor of History, Michigan State University
Mitchell Allen “The Anglo-Hanoverian Connection in the Foreign Policy of George II” Professor John Gagliardo May-00
Yusufu Lawi “Local Environmental Perceptions and te Political Economy of Natural Resource Use in Iraqw’ar Da/aw, Northern Tanzania, 1900-1980s” Professor James McCann Jan-00 Senior Lecturer in History, University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Angel Amy-Moreno “The Spanish Treatment of Moriscos as a Model for the Treatment of Native Americans” Professor Thomas Glick May-99 Professor of Social Sciences Emeritus, Roxbury Community College
Tumelo Tsikoane “A History of Public Health Policy in Lesotho, Southern Africa, 1900-1980″ Professor James McCann Jan-98 Senior Lecturer, Department of Development Studies, National University of Lesotho
Kirk Hoppe “Lords of the Fly: Environmental Images and Social Engineering in British East African Sleeping Sickness Control, 1903-1963″ Professor James McCann May-97 Associate Professor of History, University of Chicago
David Van Meter “The Empire of the Year 6000: Eschatology and the Sanctification of Carolingian Politics” Professor Richard Landes May-97 Financial Advisor, Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC, Little Falls, NY
Erik Gilbert “The Dhow Trade: Wooden Ships and the East African Economy, 1860-1964” Professor James McCann Jan-97 Associat Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of History, Arkansas State University
Sanders Huguenin “The Curious History of the Prinkipo Idea: The Big Four and Bolshevism at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919″ Professor William Keylor May-96 Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor; Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia, Wise
Jonathan Reynolds “Zamanin Siyasa (the Time of Politics): Islam and Political Legitimacy in Northern Nigeria, 1950-1966″ Professor James McCann May-95 Professor of History, Northern Kentucky University
Elizabeth Hazard “Cold War Crucible: United States Foreign Policy and the Conflict in Romania, 1943-1952″ Professor David Mayers Jan-95 Published Cold War Crucible: United States Foreign Policy and the Conflict in Romania, 1943-1952
Tekalign Wolde-Mariam “A City and Its Hinterlands: The Political Economy of Land Tenure, Agriculture and Food Supply for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1887-1974″ Professor James McCann Jan-95 Academic Vice President, Associate Professor of History, Addis Ababa University
Victor Bondi “The Origins of the Theory of Totalitarianism: Essays in Interpretation” Professor Richard Fox Jan-93 Vice President of Educational Technology, Platform Learning, Inc.
Pamela Laird “The Business of Progress: The Transformation of American Advertising, 1870-1920″ Professor Josph Boskin May-92 Professor of History, University of Colorado, Denver
John McGrath “France in America, 1555-1565: A Reevaluation of the Evidence” Professor Barbara Diefendorf May-91 Associate Professor of Social Science, College of General Studies, Boston University
William McCarthy “The Economic Impact of Shipwreck During the Age of Discovery” Professor Thomas Glick Jan-91 Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina, Wilmington