Prof. Sarah Phillips Published Article with JAH

History Professor Sarah Phillips published an article last month with The Journal of American History entitled “The Price of Plenty: Getting Farm Policy Right in the 1960s.” Find a PDF of the entire article here.

Prof Chernock Published Piece with WBUR

History Professor Arianne Chernock published a piece with WBUR entitled “Why we should care about the royals – and their scandals.” The article, which was published following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” can be found on WBUR.

PhD Candidate Henry Tonks Writes Piece for Washington Post

PhD Candidate Henry Tonks published a perspective piece with the Washington Post discussing the 1980 Democratic industrial policy playbook. The full article, entitled “Biden is reviving a lost Democratic industrial policy playbook,” can be read on their website.

Prof Eugenio Menegon Invited to Hold Secondary Appointment with STH

The BU School of Theology Faculty voted unanimously on December 9, 2022 to invite Professor Menegon to hold a secondary appointment in the School, joining Area A (an area that gathers biblical scholars, historians, and scholars of liturgical studies with a historical focus). The appointment was made in recognition of several years of Prof. Menegon’s […]

Professor Eugenio Menegon Wrote Introduction for Publication with Urbaniana University Press

A long-awaited publication, a decade in the making and containing a comprehensive introduction by History Professor Eugenio Menegon (“Propaganda Fide in China and the Historical Archives,” 70 pages), was just printed in Rome to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of the Propaganda Fide Congregation (today the Holy See’s Dicastery for Evangelization; 1622-2022): Ad […]

Prof Deeana Klepper Published Book with Cornell University Press

History Professor Deeana Klepper published a book with Cornell University Press entitled, “Pastoral Care and Community in Late Medieval Germany.” The book addresses questions like: How did local communities structure the daily experience of religion in medieval Europe? What can locally authored and oriented guides for parish priests tell us about the values and concerns […]

Prof Arianne Chernock Mentioned in Two NYT Articles

History Professor Arianne Chernock was mentioned this past week in two New York Times articles: “Prince and Princess of Wales to Visit Boston as the Royal Family Recasts Itself” and “‘The Crown’: The Story of Mohamed Al-Fayed and His Valet.”

Prof Erik Goldstein delivered Keynote at Conference in Prague

History Professor Erik Goldstein delivered the keynote lecture at a conference held in Prague, Czech Republic dealing with  “The League of Nations: The First Global Peacekeeping Organization in the Changing World – Reflections and Interdependencies.”  Organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Charles University, and the University of Vienna, this […]