What You Need to Know about the Government Shutdown

Some researchers could be impacted, but financial aid won’t be Photo by iStock/Tim Brown. With no end in sight to the partial federal government shutdown which began December 22, there are growing questions about which federal agencies are affected and how the shutdown might impact federally funded research at Boston University. “This is a partial […]

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What a Government Shutdown Means to BU

Investigators should continue working on and submitting proposals to Sponsored Programs The shutdown of the federal government has stretched into a third day after Capitol Hill lawmakers failed to reach agreement on a spending bill over the weekend. Photo By Drew Stephens. Shutdown of federal government enters third day BU investigators should continue working on […]

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Obama: An Intimate Portrait Chronicles Eight Extraordinary Years

New photo book by chief official White House photographer Pete Souza (COM’76) President Barack Obama at the Resolute desk in the Oval Office, October 14, 2016. Official White House photo by Pete Souza. Alum Pete Souza was Barack Obama’s chief White House photographer New photo book has moments from historic drama to family intimacy  Souza’s Instagram […]

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Count Love Project Reveals Protest Patterns

BU student’s website tracks all demonstrations against current administration Earlier this year Tommy Leung (left) and Nathan Perkins (MED’18) launched a website that chronicles all protests against the current administration, hoping to give the data to government officials as evidence of the issues their constituents are passionate about. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Meet Tommy Leung […]

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US-Russian Relations Under the Microscope

Pardee expert: Trump-Putin connection unnerves allies President Donald Trump has been criticized for his rosy assessment of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but his administration’s contacts with that nation have been problematic so far. Trump photo by Flickr contributor Gage Skidmore; Putin photo by the Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images. Robert G. Loftis knows diplomacy after three decades in […]

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A Historian’s View of American Politics, Circa 2016

Well-paid consultants, anti-party candidates, mass media–driven campaigns—they all go back to the turn of the last century The tumultuous 2016 Presidential campaign, shaped by unorthodox candidates, relentless media coverage, and hugely divided political parties, is often characterized by pundits as unprecedented. But according to Boston University historian Bruce J. Schulman, Americans experienced similar cultural and […]

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