SheHacks Boston Student Organizers Are #makingthenewnormal

Weekend hackathon tackles the gender gap in computer science A negative experience at a New York hackathon gave Fiona Whittington (COM’19) the idea for SheHacks Boston. Photo by Jake Belcher. Fiona Whittington went to her first hackathon by herself. It didn’t go well. “When I walked in some guy came up to me and was like, […]

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Count Love Project Reveals Protest Patterns

BU student’s website tracks all demonstrations against current administration Earlier this year Tommy Leung (left) and Nathan Perkins (MED’18) launched a website that chronicles all protests against the current administration, hoping to give the data to government officials as evidence of the issues their constituents are passionate about. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Meet Tommy Leung […]

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COM Covers the Inauguration

Students to file for BU News Service today through Saturday BU News Service editors Rob Carter and Sarah Toy are coordinating student coverage of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Most of the nation will watch Donald Trump’s inauguration tomorrow from the comfort of their own homes. It will be more frenzied for […]

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