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There are 3 comments on BU Institute to Focus on Equity and Justice in the Climate Change Fight

  1. In 2009, global warming guru Al Gore predicted that the arctic ice cap would be gone or mostly gone by 2013 because of man-made global warming. He called for the elimination of fossil fuels and urged everyone to reduce their consumption of electricity and fossil fuels. He never mentioned the fact that his own home uses twenty times more electricity than the average American home or the fact that he consumes huge amounts of fossil fuels by flying around the world attending “climate change” conferences and telling all the little people to use less energy. In the meantime, the arctic ice cap has grown in the last decade. The response from the global-warming alarmists was to change their wording from man-made “global warming” to “climate change”.

    Another fact not mentioned is that the IPCC is mainly a political organization with the political agenda of more centralized power and control. Their lust for power is so extreme that their top “scientists” were caught lying and covering up the raw data in order to “prove” their theory of man-made global warming.

    For those who are not familiar were the scientific method, here is a brief explanation. When the data does not fit your theory, you are supposed to modify or throw out your theory. You are not supposed to change the data to fit your theory. So, were the liars fired and publicly shamed? Nope. They are still in charge. The real scientists quit in disgust. Many scientists stayed because their generous, tax-funded paychecks and benefits are more important than their integrity.

    By the way — wind, solar, and most hydro energy only have niche applications. They cannot supply any base load. In other words, they are mostly a joke. Ask any real physicist. There is only one clean and green non-carbon energy source that can replace fossil fuels and that is nuclear power which was not even mentioned in the above political article.

    As a BU alumnus who majored in mathematics with a minor in physics, I am shocked that BU has become anti-science and shocked that the BU professors of physics have been cowed into silence. I am also shocked that the students are silent about all the war mongering politicians and their non-stop killing of poor people who live in foreign countries. In my day, there was open debate also known as free speech and the students were not afraid to challenge the policy of war, war, and more war.

    Richard G. Eramian (Rick) CLA 68

  2. Please also focus on carbon capture solutions too, where carbon is stored by trees and plants etc. as well as by farmers and cattle ranchers who use certain practices. This results in healthy soil and reduces carbon in the air which impacts climate change. World wide young people stopped eating meat, as they did not know about cattle ranchers who use carbon capture practices. For more information, please go to our web site organicfoodsecurity.ca M. A. Dixon (nee Cristarella) M.Sc. BU 1974

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