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Welcome to the web site designed especially for our BUSM students! The purpose of this site is to provide students with information and links that will assist them in their Family Medicine rotations and to learn more about Family Medicine. Click on our links to the left to find out more about courses offered during your four years at BUSM.

If you are interested in attending the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), please visit the Office of Admissions for more information about the application process. Also, for more information on university policies please click here.

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Family medicine is a primary care specialty that encompasses adult medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and psychiatry. There are a variety of career paths available in family medicine, making it one of the most flexible medical specialties. Most family physicians practice clinical medicine, including outpatient and inpatient medicine and pediatrics and non-operative obstetrics. Many fellowships are available, though not required, in family medicine including in operative obstetrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, research, and more. Family physicians are very well qualified to practice in resource-poor areas, especially internationally and in rural clinics, and many family medicine programs emphasize the philosophy of providing primary care to underserved populations.

If you’d like to learn more about opportunities for students in family medicine, please visit the following links:

There are numerous scholarships and loan repayment opportunities available in family medicine for students intending to practice in a variety of settings. Email the department for more information or

The following pages contain more information about our faculty, the clerkships and rotations run through the department, programs available for students interested in family medicine, and our recent graduates and where they matched for residency.

Boston University needs your help training tomorrow’s physicians!

A strong Family Medicine/primary care workforce is at the core of all excellent healthcare systems.   It is critical that we grow and develop the Family Medicine workforce in this country.  We need to provide students with training that will captivate and develop students with an interest in Family Medicine.  We also need to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make them physicians in all fields who understand and respect the value of Family Medicine, provide the highest quality evidence-based care, and have a strong understanding of what a well-designed healthcare system is.  This is how we will transform healthcare and ultimately health in our country.

This is why we need you!  We are looking for Family Doctors to teach and mentor third year Boston University School of Medicine Family Medicine clerks during their required six week Family Medicine Clerkship.

The Family Medicine clerkship at BU is consistently highly rated from our students, due to the outstanding clinical experiences they have at our clinical sites.  Our clinical sites run the gamut from solo practices to group practices and community health centers, and our preceptors universally value the experience of having clerkship students in the office with them.

We will pay an honorarium of $1,000 for every student you take.

Additional perks that we can provide to you:

  • Free unlimited use of the Boston University medical library resources including DynaMed and other excellent point of care online and mobile resources
  • Free access to our brand new App, The BUSM Finding Information Framework. You can search for it in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, and use it as an easy portal to get right into our recommended information resources.  You can access the web-based version, and find out more information here:
  • Boston University School of Medicine faculty appointment
  • Free and discounted CME through Boston University

If you are able to take students in your practice, please indicate which blocks and how many students in each block you are able to take in the online forms:

Please also consider having more than one student in your office during the same block, if your space and logistics can accommodate that.  This has proven beneficial to both preceptors and students at many of our sites.

Thank you again to our current preceptors for all your outstanding work with BUSM students, and we look forward to welcoming new preceptors to our medical student education team!

Feel free to email us with any questions!

Thank you,

Molly Cohen-Osher, M.D.

Lidya Wlasiuk, M.D.       

Chenille Hogan