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Listening to Their Words: A Qualitative Analysis of Integrative Medicine Group Visits in an Urban Underserved Medical Setting

Danielle Dresner MPH, Katherine Gergen Barnett MD,  Kirsten Resnick BS, Lance Laird ThD, Paula Gardiner MD, MPH Introduction Chronic pain is a pervasive and costly health issue in the United States today, affecting up to 100 million individual Americans, and costing up to $635 billion in health care dollars [1]. Even with the billions of dollars being spent, current medical treatments for chronic pain in primary care […]

A 10% fare hike T is too much

Anything above 5% is a social inequity By Katherine Gergen Barnett AS THE BITTER COLD has returned to the streets of Boston, I have been driven into the warmth of the T more than once on my bike commute home from the hospital. The scene there is familiar – workers weary at the end of […]

Highlights of 2015: BMC Program for Integrative Medicine & Health Disparities

        Dear Brian,  At BMC we believe all of our patients, regardless of their social or economic status, should have access to every available treatment. Gifts from our benefactors and other forms of much needed support from friends and colleagues helped create access to integrative care for the whole person, from hands-on therapies […]