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20th Anniversary of DFM Monograph:

20th Anniversary Monograph


State of the Department:

State of DFM

9/29/2020 State of DFM

9/14/2021 State of DFM


DFM Brochures from STFM Annual Spring Conferences:

46th STFM Annual Spring Conference (2013)

47th STFM Annual Spring Conference (2014)



Depression Care Management Fuchs 10.15.19

Oral Health for Pediatric & Geriatric Patients

6/16/2020 The Power of the Story: Writing op-eds, Blogs, and Narrative Medicine as a tool for Advocacy

9/15/2020 Collaborative on patients stories for healing and building towards health equity- Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD

10/20/2020 Clinical Innovations- Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD

11/17/2020 Mindfulness Initiatives at BUMC, Robert Saper, MD

1/26/2021  The Value of Primary Care- Tu-Mai Tran, MD


3/30/2020 Staffing CVOVID teams


4/7/2020 Welcome to New Chair Stephen Wilson, MD & COVID 19 Updates

4/16/2020 Rapid Response COVID Hypoxia – Kirsten Austad, MD

4/22/2020 Operational update on COVID – Christopher Manasseh, MD (10mins)_ Addressing serious illness conversations during COVID 19 pandemic – Suzanne Mitchell, MD

4/28/2020 Department Discussion- Ted Constan & Stephen Wilson, MD

5/19/2020 Faculty Development-Post-COVID group analysis- Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD

7/14/2020 Repurposed- Kirsten Austad, MD

7/21/2020 Telehealth & Health Inequities- Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD

9/2/2020 Faculty Development – Robert Saper, MD & Avra Goldman, MD

10/27/2020 Department Discussion- Ted Constan & Stephen Wilson, MD

11/24/2020 Department Discussion- Physician Compensation

12/1/2020 Bystander or Ally-Addressing Microaggressions with a LIFT- Sonia Ananthakrishnan MD & Meghan McGrath, MD

12/8/2020 The COVID Handbook- Kirsten Austad, MD

1/5/2021 FD: Potpourri- Robert Saper, MD



3/17/2020 COVID 19 1.0 by Kirsten Austad, MD

3/24/2020 COVID 19 2.0 by Kirsten Austad, MD

3/31/2020 PPE by Mekkin Lynch, DO 

4/7/2020 Caring for a community with COVID 19 : Initial ambulatory strategies and tools for clinical care, Charles Williams, MD

4/14/2020 Maternity and Newborn Care- Updates During the COVID Pandemic, Jennifer Pfau, MD

4/21/2020 Grand Rounds Addressing serious illness conversations during COVID 19 pandemic – Suzanne Mitchell , MD

4/28/2020 Proning/CATNAP Study & COVID 19 updates- Nicholas Bosch, MD & Kirsten Austad, MD 

5/5/2020 Scholarly Curriculum- Katherine Standish, MD

5/12/2020 A Qualitative Evaluation of the BMC Complex Case Management Program Claire Paduano, MD/ Advance Directives in Primary Care, A QI Project Adam Chamberlain, MD

5/19/2020 Resident Support Group: Caring for Caregivers in Training- David McCarthy, MD

5/26/2020 Non-Pharm management of behavioral six in dementia: A QI project at Bedford VA David Corner, MD & Talia Singer-Clark, MD/ One Key Question” for contraception and unintended pregnancy Christina Marmol, MD

6/2/2020 Anxiety Screening & Follow p in young adults at SBCHC Christian Rose, MD/ Resident LARC training at GRMDC Kelsey Thomas, MD

6/9/2020 Labor after Cesarean (LAC) Documentation on L&D: A QI study Elena Hill, MD/ Diabetes QI project at EBNHC Caroline Royer, MD

6/16/2020 Racial Inequities Associated with COVID19- CEI group

6/30/2020 Reproductive Justice An Overview- Christina Pindar,MD

7/7/2020 Early Integration in FM/Psych Combined Training-FM/Psych Residents

7/14/2020 Value-Based Care & the Oak Street Health Model- Kevin Stephens, MD

7/21/2020 Neurointerventional Outreach- Thanh Nguyen, MD & Mohamed Abdalkader, MD

7/28/2020 Provider Resources for Working with Immigrant Patients- Sarah Kimball, MD & Lily Sonis, MD

9/8/2020 BMC’s Patient Safety Journey: Step 1-Creating a Positive Reporting Environment – James Moses Vice President Chief Quality Officer

9/15/2020 A Laugh Is Cheap Medicine-Clinical Lessons from Cartoons- Stephen Martin, MD

9/22/2020 Bias and Heath Equity Impacts on Community Health- Tracey Conti, MD

10/06/2020 COPC- Jennifer Leahy, MD & Alex Gast, MD/

10/13/2020 The New Era of Transparency in Healthcare: Sharing Clinical Notes with Patients-Catherine DesRoches, DrPH

10/20/2020 New 2019 ASCCP Risk-Based Management Guidelines for managing abnormal cervical cancer screening tests- Rebecca Perkins, MD

11/10/2020 DFM Retreat

11/17/2020 Community Safety Response Programs_Non-Carceral Responses to Harm-Queen-Cheyenne Wade

12/1/2020 scientific updates on inpatient care- Kirsten Austad, MD

12/8/2020 The h pylori talk- Jaime Gallegos, MD

1/5/2021 GR__Credentialing, Privileging and PPE – How does it all work- Charles Williams, MD

1/26/2021 Pedi Neurosurgery- James Hosapple, MD

2/2/2021 Approach to Movement Disorders and Tremor- Sarah A. O’Shea, MD, MS

2/9/2021 Transitioning complex pediatric patients to family medicine at BMC- Jodi Wenger, MD

2/16/2021 Approach to common peripheral neuropathies- Ariel Marks, MD

2/23/2021 State of Primary Care- Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD

3/2/2021 Cirrhosis- Arpan Mohanty, MBBS

3/9/2021 Update 4.0 COVID Learning- Charles Williams, MD

3/23/2021 Overview of Parkinson’s Disease (with a special highlight of Racial Disparities in Parkinson’s Disease)- Stephanie Bissonnette DO, MD

3/30/2021 Introduction to Functional Neurologic Disorders- Katelyn Bird, MD

4/6/2021 Evaluation of CAD.- Shiva Pandey, MD

4/13/2021 Contraception Update- Elisabeth Woodhams, MD

4/20/2021 Cholesterol Management Update 2021- Gary Balady, MD

6/15/2021 Medical Approaches to Obesity- Ivania Rizzo , MD

6/29/2021 Pain Medicine and Neurosurgery- Common Problems, new solutions- Michael Perloff, MD PhD & Hormuz Dasenbrock, MD

7/20/2021 Narrative Medicine- Meena Kumar, MD

7/27/2021 Toward a Population-Based Model of Mental Health Care- Robert Joseph, MD

8/3/2021 Immigrant and Refugee Health- Ka-Yi Li, MD, Anuka Das, MD & Mihoko, MD

9/7/2021 Vaccines, Variants, and the Delta Blues- Jaime Gallegos, MD

9/21/2021 Addressing Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening_ Implementation at BMC and Beyond- Katrina Steiling, MD

9/28/2021 Impairment, Disability & Work Capacity_ Assessment Toolkit for Family Physicians”-Alan Rodgers, MD & David Berube, MD

10/5/2021 Metacognition – Towards Better Diagnosis- Charles Williams, MD

10/12/2021 Monoclonal Antibodies for the treatment of COVID19 in the ambulatory setting_ post-exposure prophylaxis v treatment- Jai Marathe, MD

10/26/2021 The Motebang Hospital Protocol , Management of Stokes in Resource-Limited Environments- Steve Greenberg, MD, PhD, Ben Bryden, MD, MPH & Tilo Namane, MBCHB

11/2/2021 Diabetes Medicine- Devin Steenkamp , MD

11/9/2021 CKD- Jasvinder Bhatia, MD

11/16/2021 Asthma- Robyn Cohen, MD

11/23/2021 Structural Racism and the US Black Maternal Health Crisis- Jodi Abbott, MD

11/30/2021 Sports Medicine

12/7/2021 HS-TnI lecture- Eric Awtry, MD

12/14/2021 Updated Postpolypectomy Surveillance Guidelines- Christopher Huang, MD

12/21/2021 Top 11 Articles and Reflections from 2021, and a Question about Social Justice- Stephen Wilson, MD

12/28/20/21 HEAL and your experience with HEAL during the COVID-19 pandemic- Bassem Ghali, MD

1/4/22 Global Health – PHC and PHCPI- Jeffrey Markuns, MD

1/11/22 Creating an integrated approach to treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs) at BMC: update on the Grayken Center and recent advances in treatment of SUDs- Miriam Komaromy, MD, FACP, DFASAM

1/18/2022 COVID Update 4.0- Charles Williams, MD


4/1/2020 COVID cases resident didactic

5/4/2021 Resident Scholar Project- Howard Lanney, MD

5/11/2021 Contraceptive Access and Unintended Pregnancies During the COVID-19 Pandemic at an Urban Community Health Center- Jennifer VanderWeele, MD

5/18/2021 Integrative Medicine in Primary Care Rohini Rau-Murthy, MD / Resident Burnout, Cognitive Load, and Split Day Clinic Sessions Sam Gonzalez, MD

6/1/2021 Resident scholarly project- Heather Ross, MD & J. Michael Winer, MD /Alison Presti, MD

6/8/2021 Resident Scholarly Project- Julian Gonzalez, MD / Gabriel Lopez, MD

8/10/2021 Resident Scholarly Project – Brianna Angles-Barbosa, MD



Orientation Videos On How To Use EPIC For Providers Coming Onto FM Services:


4/16/2020 Rapid Response COVID Hypoxia – Kirsten Austad, MD

4/15/2020 Updates in COVID 19 Clinical Care-Kirsten Austad, MD