Research Faculty

Our Faculty

Stephen Wilson, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Chief, Chair of Family Medicine
Chair, Family Medicine- Boston University School of Medicine
Chief of Family Medicine-Boston Medical Center
ABFM Board of Directors
Editorial Board- Family Medicine
Med Ed, EBM, Meta-analysis/Systematic review, Health Equity DM2, Obesity

Alyssa, Tilhou, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Family Physician and Addiction Specialist
Assistant Research Director of Family Medicine
I study disparities in access and quality of primary health care services with a particular focus on substance use treatment. My goal is to leverage existing large secondary data through claims and clinical extracts to identify populations and practices to improve health outcomes among vulnerable patient populations.

Brian W. Jack, MD  

Linda L. Barnes
Director of Graduate Program in Medical Anthropology

Marielle Baldwin, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Director of Addiction Track
Family Physician

Lance D. Laird, ThD
Assistant Professor
Assistant Director,  MS Program in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice 
My research focuses on the intersection of religions, medicines, and healing; with a special focus on American Muslims. I conduct community-based ethnographic and qualitative studies with immigrant, refugee, and other minoritized groups to promote health equity.

Kirsten Austad, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Family Medicine HealthNet Inpatient Unit
Hospitalist, Boston Medical Center
My research seeks to use implementation science to promote health equity and improve patient experience in safety-net settings, including for patients with limited English proficiency (LEP). Methodologically, I am interested in intervention adaptation to reduce health disparities and facilitate linguistic and cultural concordance. My current research focuses on improving the quality of hospital discharge care for patients with limited English proficiency.


Elizabeth Sommers, PhD, MPH, LicAc
Assistant Professor 
Senior Acupuncturist and Researcher- Health Disparities and Integrative Medicine Program
My research has focused on examining the role of acutherapy in addressing recovery from substance use disorder; contributing to health and quality of life for individuals living with HIV; and in assessing economic impact of integrative approaches.

Katherine Gergen Barnett, MD
Associate Professor
Vice Chair of Primary Care Innovation and Transformation- Dept. Family Medicine, Boston Medical Center
Affiliate, Harvard Center for Primary Care
Health Innovators Fellow, Aspen Institute
My primary clinical interests are behavioral health, trauma informed care, gender affirming care, women’s and reproductive health, and holistic medicine. I am also involved in local and state health policy addressing health inequities, national policy addressing primary care delivery, and I am a regular contributor to The Boston Globe, Boston Public Radio, and multiple television outlets.

Heather Miselis, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor 

Director of Student Education
Principal Investigator BU Community Health Alliance of Medical Professionals  Program
Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs, Boston University School of Medicine

Laura Goldman, MD
Clinical Professor
Director of Provider Recruitment
Director of Geriatrics
Deputy Director Global Health Collaborative 

Nathan Cardoos, MD, CAQSM
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Medical Director, Ryan Center for Sports Medicine
Director, Boston University Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship
Team Physician, Boston University
I am studying a retinal tracking device that holds promise as an objective tool for the diagnosis and management of concussions.