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The Healer’s Art
is a spring semester enrichment course directed towards first and second year medical students that addresses the human dimension of medicine. Major themes of the course include:

  • Sustaining idealism and altruism
  • Medicine as a calling
  • Cultivating compassion
  • Healing loss
  • Learning tools to prevent stress and burnout

We are delighted that you have chosen to participate in this year’s Healer’s Art enrichment course.  This is the 14th year that we are offering The Healer’s Art at BUSM.  This enrichment course is sponsored by the BUSM Department of Family Medicine.  The Healer’s Art is now offered at 70 medical schools throughout North America and the world. We hope you enjoy this course as much as the faculty enjoys offering it.  If you have any concerns, questions or feedback for us, please contact any one of the student advisors, the faculty, or the Course Director, Dr. Gergen Barnett (Katherine.Gergen-Barnett@bmc.org).

All five sessions are on Wednesday evenings and run from 6:00-9:00pm.   We will be serving light snacks but please try and eat dinner before you come.

Spring 2020 Sessions:

  1. TBD: “Discovering and Nurturing your Wholeness”
    L804; Small Group Rooms R102, R104, R105, R,106, R109

  2. TBD: “Sharing Grief and Honoring Loss-Part I”
     L804; Small Group Rooms R102, R104, R105, R,106, R109

  3. TBD: “Sharing Grief and Honoring Loss-Part II”
     L804; Small Group Rooms R102, R104, R105, R,106, R109

  4. TBD: “Beyond Analysis: Allowing Awe in Medicine”
     L804; Small Group Rooms R102, R104, R105, R,106, R109

  5. TBD: “The Care of the Soul: Service as a Way of Life”
     L804; Small Group Rooms R102, R104, R105, R,106, R109

With the exception of Session 3, each session has both large and small group sessions.


A commitment to attend all five sessions of the course is mandatory.  Please come to all sessions on time.

Readings, Assignments, Grading and Academic Credit

There are no required readings or assignments for this course.  However, you will receive Kitchen Table Wisdom as a gift, which can be for your enjoyment and inspiration now and for the rest of your career.  There are no formal assignments or grades in Healer’s Art.  However, a letter acknowledging your participation in Healer’s Art will be sent to the Dean of Student Affairs and put in your official file.

Comments about the course:

Small group discussions led by practicing physicians, experiential exercises, and personal reflection comprise 90% of the course; only 10% is didactic. These comments are from some of last year’s evaluations:

  • “As I journey through medicine, give me the strength to listen to those around me, especially my patients. Allow me the perseverance to never give up on myself or others during difficult times. Allow me to remember those who helped me get this far and to show them my gratitude. Remember why I fought so hard to get here. Be someone the world can be proud of. May I see the good in others even when it is hidden.”
  •  “I vow to treat my patients with purity of intent to serve, honour and help; to use my competence to the utmost of my patients’ benefit; to be fully present and muster all of my humanity at all times in serving my patients.”
  •  “Allow me to open my heart to your truth no matter how painful. Make me an instrument of your peace. Give me courage to look into each person’s eyes. .Grant me patience when I am rushed. Provide me with a beginner’s mind today and all days.”
  •  “May my journey in this field of service be filled with these things: Gratitude for the lives I meet, Humanity in all that I do, Appreciation for the beauty and stories of others.”
  • “Give me the courage to look into the eyes of the weak and vulnerable and the strength to not look away. Give me the will to always seek justice and the determinations to never give up. Allow me to slow down and listen in a way that connects me to my patients and brings them healing. Let me accompany them through this journey.”

For more quotes about Healer’s art, please click here.

To register for the class, or if you have any questions, please email Florence Laforest at flafores@bu.edu.