DFM Mission Statement

The BU DFM will provide leadership to the development of family practice and primary care regionally, nationally and internationally, through its research, education, and clinical activities. It will accomplish this through:

  • Research, policy, and advocacy that improves approaches to the conduct, organization and innovation of primary care, with emphasis on assets and challenges of the underserved and their communities, and the integration of primary care, medical anthropology, public health, and behavioral health
  • Education which prepares medical students and residents for careers as primary care physicians, and fellows for leadership positions in primary care, with special emphasis on preparation to work in multidisciplinary primary care teams responsive to the needs of multicultural communities;
  • Clinical activities which provide the necessary practice-based laboratories and teaching environments, with emphasis on programs that complement the overall mission of the BMC, and which are responsive to primary care needs of the greater Boston region, and especially its underserved communities.

The Department of Family Medicine is also committed to promoting diversity in its research, education, and clinical activities. You can read our full diversity policy here.