DFM Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals

Our Vision

Making health equity the reality

Our Mission

We will model and lead Family Medicine through research, clinical care, advocacy, and education to increase hope and improve the mortality, morbidity, quality of life, and social drivers of health for patients and their communities.

We Value:

  • Providing biopsychosocial care for all patients across the lifespan in any setting
  • Building up health of individuals, families, and communities, especially those negatively affected by structural inequities, by delivering complex, comprehensive, coordinated, continuous patient care
  • Innovating clinical care, research, and education to improve health outcomes in communities that are underresourced, underserved, and underprivileged
  • Improving access to high-quality care and broadening our impact on individuals and communities through collaboration, partnership, and advocacy
  • Growing a diverse, engaged, and vital work force prepared to provide exceptional care

Our Strategic Goals

Because we believe all people, no matter race, ethnicity, heritage or neighborhood, should have a fair opportunity to achieve their full health potential, we strive to remedy differences in health that are systemic, unjust, and avoidable.

Our overarching strategic goal is to define, develop, and demonstrate value-based care in Family Medicine to improve individual and population-level health equity.

  1. Build a robust patient-centered and comprehensive accountable care model
  2. Increase and leverage scholarship and research
  3. Scale up our impact by strengthening our teaching  and communication
  4. Improve the wellness of our faculty, resident, and staff resulting in increased vitality, resilience, and intention to stay and reduce burnout
  5. Excel across the education continuum

The Department of Family Medicine is also committed to promoting diversity in its research, education, and clinical activities. You can read our full diversity policy here.