Students present ideas for improving food justice, local and sustainable food, and community and urban farming at the Massachusetts Statehouse

On December 4th students in the class Research for Environmental Agencies and Organizations presented their ideas for fostering sustainable farming to benefit communities – including those in need of fresh food – to Representative Hannah Kane of the Food Policy Council, to legislative staff, and to officials of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), […]

Emily Chua, Fulweiler Lab PhD Student, awarded a position as a Technology Business & Marketing Student

Emily Chua, of Dr. Wally Fulweiler’s lab, has been awarded a spot in a new program run by BU’s Office of Technology Development.  This pilot program is modelled after Columbia University’s highly successful Technology Ventures Fellows Program.  As a Technology Business & Marketing Student Analyst, Emily will gain hands-on experience in the growing field of technology […]

Rick Reibstein and Josh Taylor interviewed by WGBH

In 2018 students of the class “Research for Environmental Agencies and Organizations” wrote to every municipality in Massachusetts to find out what actions were being taken to address the problem of lead in water.  Today, Junior Josh Taylor and Lecturer Richard Reibstein were interviewed by WGBH reporter Craig LeMoult on what this project revealed and […]


Students in Research Class Present at the Massachusetts Green Careers Conference

At the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in Westborough, MA, on September 20, Alana Danison and Madeleine Mattson participated in Rick Reibstein’s presentation on the projects students have been doing in his class Research for Environmental Agencies and Organizations (GE 532 and 534). The projects have included work on lead poisoning prevention, water quality […]

Rachel Abercrombie publishes an article in Nature News & Views

Research Associate Professor Rachel E. Abercrombie  published an article in Nature News and Views. Rachel Abercrombie investigates all aspects of the earthquake rupture process, for example, how earthquakes start and grow, what factors govern the size and location of slip, and how one earthquake affects another. She has studied earthquakes over a wide range of […]

Tess McCabe honored for ESA presentation

PhD candidate Tess McCabe has received the E.C. Pielou Award from the Ecological Society of America. The competitive award is made annually based on the overall quality of a student’s scientific contribution to statistical ecology. At the ESA’s Annual Meeting, Tess presented “Scaling contagious disturbance in a spatially implicit way: Implications for describing disturbance regimes.” She […]

Colin Averill wins ESA Biogeosciences publications award

Colin Averill, a faculty member at ETH Zurich, has received the Gene E. Likens Award from the Biogeosciences Section of the Ecological Society of America. The prize recognizes work conducted by an early career scientist; Averill conducted his research as a postdoc with E&E Associate Professor Mike Dietze and Biology Assistant Professor Jennifer Bhatnagar. The […]