Humans have changed the physical, ecological, and biological components of the Earth’s planetary systems to an astonishing degree. Those environmental changes impact human populations in return, and continue to shift, often in unanticipated ways. Our research seeks to inform the transitions that society will need to make to sustain and improve human well-being in the face of environmental change, and to provide insights that will help limit environmental degradation.

Faculty with Related Research

Resource Dynamics, Policy, and Governance and Climate

  • James Baldwinenergy and the environment, regional science, economic and environmental geography
  • Cutler J. Cleveland – energy transitions, energy life cycle analysis, ecological economics
  • Anne Short Gianottisocio-political dimensions of natural resource management, landowner decision-making, institutional change, coupled natural human systems
  • Robert Kaufmannglobal climate change, world oil markets, land-use changes
  • Christoph Nolteglobal land conservation, policy analysis, quantitative causal inference
  • Richard Reibsteinimprovement of environmental governance, pollution reduction, efficient regulation
  • Abigail Sullivanenvironmental governance, complexity science, confronting environmental challenges
  • Ian Sue Wingendogenous technological change in climate policy models

Climate Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability

  • Robinson W. Fulweilermarine biogeochemistry, ecology, climate and coastal ecosystems
  • Sucharita GopalGIS, spatial statistics, spatial analysis & modeling, GIS applications
  • Nathan Phillipsecosystem change in urban and natural environments
  • Caterina Scaramelliecologies, scientific expertise, and infrastructures as conduits for people’s claims about livelihood and moral subjectivities


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