Fulweiler Lab


Robinson (Wally) Fulweiler is an ecosystems ecologist and biogeochemist, whose research is focused on answering fundamental questions about energy flow and biogeochemical cycling of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and silica), carbon, and oxygen in a variety of environments. She is especially interested in how anthropogenic changes affect the ecology and elemental cycling of ecosystems on a variety of scales (i.e., local nutrient loading; regional/global climate change). Current research is centered on the transformations and the ultimate fate of nitrogen in the marine environment and the impact of climate change on benthic-pelagic coupling. Dr. Fulweiler maintains the Coastal Ecology & Biogeochemistry Lab and has a joint appointment with the Department of Biology.


  • EE 144 Oceanography
  • EE/BI 423/623 Marine Biogeochemistry