Campus Parking Permits

Parking permits for on-campus lots and garages are issued through BU Parking & Transportation Services.



  1. Hey, I am Linlin Zhao, an incoming graduate student in Advertising. Since I live in the quincy center where is so far away from campus. I would like to ask how can get an on campus parking permit. And then, I am able to drive to take class and park on the campus. Thank you.

  2. Linlin – Thank you for your question. You will want to speak to Parking Services regarding getting a permit. You can reach them at Thanks!

  3. Hi, officer

    I parked my car Sep 15th on 750 Commonwealth Ave with a white permit; however, when I finished my classes at 9 pm, I found out that my car was towed at 3:10 pm at the parking lot. After I picked up my car, a ticket shows that Green Permit only. I search the BU parking website and find out that 750 Commonwealth Ave accepts White permit.

  4. Parking permit questions should be addressed to the University’s office of Parking Services. They are very responsive if you email, or you may visit them at 1019 Commonwealth Avenue, first floor. Don’t worry – I will also email you this information as well.

  5. Hello, i am an incoming 2024 freshman. I will need my car with me on campus because of a sick family member that I have to check up on in Connecticut, is there any way that I can possibly receive.

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