Policies on Records

Address Change

Students must notify the University of any local or home address changes. To do this, update your address via the Student Link. If you reside in on-campus residences, your local address will be updated by the Housing Office.

If you were assigned to a dormitory-style residence or the Student Residence at 10 Buick Street, you must complete and submit a change-of-address card to your residence mail room. If you were assigned to an apartment-style residence (other than the Student Residence at 10 Buick Street), you should file a change-of-address card online at the USPS store or 512 Park Drive.

Disciplinary Records: Conduct Summaries, Transfer Reports and Dean’s Certification Forms

Judicial Affairs (part of the Dean of Students) maintains all non-academic student disciplinary records. To obtain a summary of your disciplinary history, you may complete a Records Release Form. Completed request forms should be returned as a pdf attachment and emailed to judws@bu.edu


All transfer reports, Dean’s Certifications, Bar applications, medical school certifications, employer verifications, and other authorized third-party inquiries are all processed the same way at BU, beginning with Judicial Affairs.

Applicants should submit the following materials to Judicial Affairs at judws@bu.edu


  1. A completed Judicial Affairs Records Release Form and a copy of a photo ID. The release should include the name and email address of the recipient institution(s). If you are applying to multiple schools and space is limited on the release, you may list the names and email addresses in a separate document. We do not return completed application forms to the applicant. You must provide recipient names and email addresses. The release, application forms and copy of photo ID should be submitted as individual pdfs.

Note: you should take the time to find the specific contact names and email addresses for the appropriate person or office at each school. Admission departments typically have specific email addresses for application submissions. Providing a generic university email address in your mailing instructions will most likely result in misdirected documents.

  1. A College Report, Scoir Coalition Report, Dean’s Certification or other application with the applicant’s portion completed (it may say, “To the Applicant” or “Student Section”). If you are applying to multiple schools and some use the College Report and some use the Scoir Coalition Report, you should specify which school should receive which form when listing names and addresses. Please submit this form as a PDF attachment.

Most transfer applications and many Dean’s Certifications ask questions pertaining to both academic and non-academic conduct. Judicial Affairs will complete the non-academic conduct related questions on the forms and forward the documents to the appropriate office in your home school or college for completion of the remainder of the form. Your school or college will be responsible for sending the completed documents to the requested recipients.

Please note

  • Requests for transcripts are handled through the University Registrar’s Office and should be submitted by the applicant https://www.bu.edu/reg/academics/transcripts/
  • The Common App mid-term report should be completed and submitted by the applicant. Follow the instructions on the form.
  • The Scoir Coalition App Curriculum Report should be completed by the applicant’s current instructors and submitted by the applicant. Follow the instructions on the form.


Those requesting access to student records should also be reminded that all records requests are processed first-come, first-served and typically require 2-3 weeks (counted in business days) to process through Judicial Affairs. Please then allow additional time for your school or college to complete their components when necessary. There are no exceptions and Judicial Affairs does not entertain requests to expedite records. It is simply not fair to those students who have been patiently waiting in the queue. It is in the applicant’s best interest to plan ahead.

This information has been provided by the Office of Judicial Affairs. Please contact their team at judws@bu.edu with any questions.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s education records. In compliance with FERPA, Boston University does not disclose personally identifiable information contained in student education records, except as authorized by law.

Information about students’ rights under FERPA and Boston University’s implementation of FERPA is set forth by the Office of the University Registrar. Please visit the Office of the University Registrar.

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