BU creates an environment supporting individual exploration and accomplishment and promotes community. Our standards value personal freedoms, respect for others, and the pursuit of truth and learning. Our community is at its best when all members observe our standards of conduct.


Here you’ll find the University’s criteria for student conduct, detailing everything from what (and who) you can have in your residence hall to reporting hazing to computing ethics to alcohol and substances policies.

Student Responsibilities

Along with your nonacademic and academic conduct and responsibilities, we lay out your rights as a student at BU. We also give you steps for what to do in case you need to file a complaint, and what happens if the University takes disciplinary measures.

University Board on Student Conduct

Here’s where you’ll find the current faculty, staff, and student members of the University Board charged with hearing student appeals to judicial investigations. You can also read the Board’s membership, administration, and procedural rules.