Ride-Share & Ride Service Safety

Uber, Lyft & other ride share services are convenient when travelling in the city, but we still need to remember old-school Stranger Danger.

  • Always check the license plate of your ride prior to entering the vehicle to ensure that is the correct vehicle.
  • Before entering the vehicle, ask the driver “What is my name?” or “What is your name?” to ensure the driver is indeed the person assigned to drive you.
    • If you enter the vehicle and say “Is this for (your name)?” or “Are you (driver name)?”, the driver could just say yes regardless of the truth. Make sure your driver matches with your ride-share information on your app.
  • If you are concerned about using a ride service alone, carpool with others. Most apps have an option to “ride-share” or “pool” your ride with others, plus you save some money.
  • If you are travelling alone at night, try to avoid carpool options that make you walk to a destination (such as Uber Express Pool), or walk in well-lit areas.
  • Know the general direction of your destination to ensure you know where you will be going and dropped off at.