Behavioral Medicine (Mental Health)

Our Behavioral Medicine staff, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical nurse specialists, licensed mental health clinicians, and licensed clinical social workers, are available to address the many psychological and adjustment issues that arise in a university community.  When longer-term care is needed, we will facilitate referral to expert clinicians in the local community. Appointments or urgent care are available by calling 617-353-3569. Behavioral Medicine clinicians are available 24 hours a day on-call for mental health emergencies.

Faculty and staff may contact Behavioral Medicine at 617-353-3569 if they are concerned about a student or visit Help Info for more information. If there are concerns of immediate danger, please contact BUPD directly.

Click on Resources for information on ADHD, Eating Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Issues, Academic and Adjustment Issues, Alcohol and other health issues.

There are many additional resources on campus for help with mental health and academic issues. Half of Us and ULifeline provide college students with relevant information about mental health issues.