Homiletical Theology Project

Dr. David Schnasa Jacobsen
Dr. David Schnasa Jacobsen

Homiletical Theology sees its theological task in relation to the practices and theories that serve the preaching of the gospel in contexts, cultures, and situations.  It understands homiletics and the practice of preaching not as an application of theology, but as a site for doing theology.

The Homiletical Theology Project investigates the way preaching “does theology” both in its practice and in the way it reflects on its own practice. HTP encourages exploring the many places where homiletics deals theologically with culture, context, tradition, and sermonic language.  Because of its unique viewpoint and connection to preaching’s practice, theories, and contexts, homiletical theology is done at several crucial  intersections in the field:

  • theologies of preaching
  • theologies of the gospel
  • the relation of Word and Sacrament
  • the use of theology in sermons
  • preaching as theological method

The Homiletical Theology Project encourages published work and scholarly discussions that raise the profile of homiletical theology in its pedagogical, professional, and academic forms.  To that end, HTP organizes consultations leading to book projects and webinars open to the wider BUSTH community.